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What is your favorite Gretsch and why?


Believe it or not it's my CVT. I also have a 6119Sp and a 3110 Historic; both great guitars to be sure, but the CVT gets grabbed a lot.

It's changed quite a bit from stock; much nicer Waverly open back tuners, a vintage Gretsch B-5, a bone nut and TV Jones pups -a Super'tron in the bridge and Duo'tron in the neck. The rest; the great, substantial neck, the comfy lightweight body and perfect balance were already there. The playability and sound of this guitar is just spectacular. Yettoblaster paid it a wonderful compliment saying it was the best sounding guitar at last years NorCal Roundup.

Gretsch REALLY needs to make a Pro Line Corvette. Joe C. has intimated that's it's not out of the question, but these could be stellar slab axes.


Some of y'all know, I've had them come and go...and played a ton of them... Best one I've ever played is my 5120 (The Great Pumpkin) with Gretschbuckers changed to Dyna 2000s. I don't know what year it is...early 2000s. When I pick up that guitar, I always think, "Damn...why do I ever play anything else? It feels right, plays right, sounds right... Somehow the planets aligned and this guitar found me. Go figure...


My Double Jet is my favorite (and only) Gretsch. Why? I knew I had to have one when I saw Doug Pettibone with Lucinda. My wife gave me this for Christmas. It now has Kluson keystone tuners, a Truarc bridge from Tim and Alameda pickups from Mel. So much fun to play.


My favorite is my 2008 Jag Tan Annie. I swapped out the Powertrons for Classics and I just love this guitar. It’s been pretty much the only guitar I pick up for the last 10 years. It’s just feels like an old friend and sounds like nothing else. Every musician I know lusts after it. But back off fools it’s mine.... and it’s left handed!

Next in line is my White Penguin.... I’m working on bonding with it, but is so different from my Jag Tan Annie.


I only have but the one Gretsch, a 5120 build in January 2011, if I decipher the serial number correctly. It has been a great guitar for me. Only modifications I've had done to it are to replace the nut with a bone nut, and I swapped out the TOM bridge for a Tru-Arc aluminum bridge a few months later.

I guess the question of why can best be answered by saying that for many years, I was strictly folk, shunning anything that needed electricity, only grudgingly allowing for microphones. So playing that 5120 is like playing a big acoustic guitar on steroids. It's loud, and sounds good played thumb style, or hybrid picked.

I'd really like to get my hands on a '59 Country Gent just for the experience of playing The Guitar...maybe even own one some day.

– Jim Krause

Hey Bob, ever thought of an earlier Super Chet - gold-bound pickguard with wider neck (like the '59 CG you referred to)? For me it's "The Guitar". Lots of Chet input in the design and to me, unique looking in the Gretsch family - Super Axe later shared the cutaway design.

The sound is all Gretsch some of Taffy's videos.


My '55 Silver Jet because it's the best one.


The custom Silver Falcon I’m going to order….someday. Double cut, trestle bracing, 24.6” scale, block-inlay neck, extra-large neck-side fret marker dots, vertical logo, pinned serpentune bridge, TVJ Magnatron neck pickup, TVJ Powertron bridge pickup, Chet arm on the Bigsby (string-through bar), master volume (treble bleed) and tone pots, black pickguard.

But for now I’ll alternate favorites between my Phoenix and Panther..


My newest and currently only Gretsch is my favorite guitar I've ever owned, a 53 VS Duo Jet. Something about the sound and feel inspire me like no other guitar has been able to!

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