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What is your favorite Gretsch and why?


Any Jet, but lately and in particular, my New Jet.

It's been modified with a TVJ Classic and a standard FilterTron, so I'm not sure that it qualifies as a New Jet still, because it really changes the sound, but it's a great guitar.

In sticking within the realm of the Jet, my wish list guitars are the Custom Shop Roundup, which I got to play for a few weeks thanks to our late friend, Cameron Bellamy, the Pearl Penguin Joel Hibbs has, or any variation of the Champagne Sparkle Jet...single or double cutaway.

– crowbone

I agree, John. those New Jets are great guitars. however, I didn't change the pickups. instead, I asked Tom (TV) Jones to adjust them for me. who better than the guy that designed the pickup.

I enjoy playing that guitar. it's so easy to play with those jumbo frets.

my 1959 6124 Annie is also a favorite of mine. I learned to play on that guitar. so, it's like visiting with an old friend when I play it.


My 2004 Gretsch Setzer SSU.

It's the best built guitar I've ever played and it's so versatile.


My favorite is the 6120N, seen here at a recent gig. It's just so easy and comfortable play, and the TV Jones Powertrons give it a great rock/blues sound!


My Favorite gigging guitar is my Falcon.


Until I want some feedback, then it's the G5191BK


I will have to say though it has been very hard to keep my hands off Karolyn's Blue G5422T. Sorry, no pic.


6120DSW with T'Armonds followed by a jet with T'Armond like the VS series Gretsch G6128T-53.

Love Dynas for what I do and TVs are the best. The DSW looks fantastic, is lightweight, and has the sound! Very comfortable standing or sitting. I wish it sustained better, especially above the 12th fret but it seems there is always some trade-off with guitars.

I got a CS Jet recently. I'm still tweaking her a bit but, so far, I like the TVs better than the SD Dynas. Kinda wish I would have just got the VS Jet but the CS version is very well done, nice fat neck, attractive and fairly light - I think it's right about 7.5 pounds.


My favorite Gretsch is my G6119 1962HT.

First off, it is absolutely beautiful. Love the color, love the fake f-holes.

Second, it is so comfortable to play.

Finally it reminds me so much of my 1966-7 Tennessean, my first Gretsch and a guitar that I never should have sold.


1959-1961 Country Gentleman. It's the one guitar that encompasses every single practical, functional improvement Gretsch had made in its heyday, before jumping the shark and starting to increasingly turn to more gimicky developments. It's sort of the peak of Gretsch evolution.


And the double.

– crowbone

I love this finish! Is this "champagne" ?


These guys.

– fieldhdj

Is there a favorite among these?


I love my 1960 6120 but my 1961 6121 is my favorite. I like Jets for their size and I love the feel and resonance of this one. Just an amazing guitar.


And the back... Yes it has been played!


I love the red PowerJet for garage, the ‘58 for rockabilly, the TDS for everything else (and gets the most play). I’m still figuring out where the DC fits in.


I love this finish! Is this "champagne" ?

– WillieDSW

Yes, "Champagne Sparkle" is what I was told by Ken at Truetone Music in Santa Monica, CA, when I bought that very guitar years ago.


I currently have 2 Gretsch guitars, a 2011 DSV Duo Jet and a 1968 Corvette. I found out recently in the recording studio that the Duo Jet is the best rhythm guitar ever created (Malcolm Young anyone?) and the Corvette with HiloTrons is an SG or Les Paul Junior killer and has that punchy, in your face warm tone for lead guitar. HiloTrons don't normally get compared to P90s because they lack that mid range bump that P90s have but I found that when you push the amp the Hilos come alive in the mahogany body and neck of the Corvette in a similar way P90s do in a Junior.

If I was a straight-up rockabilly (i.e. better) player the Duo Jet's lead guitar tones would have been perfect too. I was going for something a bit different.


Here is the Corvette refinished in Brian Setzer Hotrod Purple nitrocellulose by Curt Wilson at Old School Guitars. Curt is a mad scientist!

The case was originally for one of the old G-Love green Corvettes with the white racing stripe. I love the way the purple and the green go together. It reminds me of The Joker.


I have a 6118 Junior with PowerTrons.

Its my favorite because its a great compromise between a full size Archtop and a Jet.

Its a beautiful color,and A very Basic guitar without all the frills and the little intricate touches of a 6120,which I prefer. Whenever I see a beautiful 6120 it seems more like a museum piece that must be handled carefully,its like a Mercedes and I prefer a Truck. The pickups suit my type of songs ( I dont do Twang), and the guitar is still a traditional Gretsch Archtop minus the bulkiness, with a size similar to a Jet.

Its the Best of both Worlds,at least I think so.


Ironically, the favorite is the one I've played the least lately.

I hope to change that soon. Didn't quite get to it last night, and rehearsal's tomorrow, so maybe then. It's big, easy to look at, sounds great, and right now the scale feels better than the shorter-scaled ones. And it's got some minor battle scars that keep it from being too aesthetically perfect to play. If I bump it into something, it's not going to be the end of the world. I think the others could find new homes if they had to (and they may), but not this one.

EDIT: Just noticed this must be a pic from when I first rescued it from GC. It's still got the Space Control bridge on it. That went away shortly after this pic was taken.


I'd like a double cutaway Falcon with a spruce top and Dynasonics. That would be my dream guitar. I don't know if that's been ever made or could be made but it's what I'd like.


I guess it’s my SSLVO. That is the electric guitar that I feel most comfortable with. I’m fortunate to have a few Gretsch guitars lying around, so that’s a hard call. My Tennessee Rose is probably my most versatile guitar and is a close second -but then there’s the sunburst Oops Club, which is an absolute pleasure to play. I also think of my Rancher, which is my go to acoustic.


ah, that Rancher... I am still on the hunt for one, Zig.

My favorite is often the one I happen to be playing, which is often a 6120. It just has it all: twang, roar and hollowbody vibe. I like a bound neck and those guitars are built so right. I do like a larger guitar, I suppose because of how I grew up playing flat top acoustics.

And lordy, BH, that Corvette is stunning. Kudos to Curt.


I'm not sure I can answer this, honestly. the 6118 had been around longer and was my first hollowbody. real game changer for me. nothing does what it does. heavily modded and I'm pretty happy with it.

but I think the g400 would cover more bases if I needed it to, as an acoustic, electric or something in between.

maybe I don't understand the question. I picked and modded the gretsches for their specificity. if I had to go with one gretsch to be my only guitar, it probably wouldn't be either of them. maybe a center block falcon or a 6122 69 or 62 or a penguin. hard to say, never had either.


I only have but the one Gretsch, a 5120 build in January 2011, if I decipher the serial number correctly. It has been a great guitar for me. Only modifications I've had done to it are to replace the nut with a bone nut, and I swapped out the TOM bridge for a Tru-Arc aluminum bridge a few months later.

I guess the question of why can best be answered by saying that for many years, I was strictly folk, shunning anything that needed electricity, only grudgingly allowing for microphones. So playing that 5120 is like playing a big acoustic guitar on steroids. It's loud, and sounds good played thumb style, or hybrid picked.

I'd really like to get my hands on a '59 Country Gent just for the experience of playing The Guitar...maybe even own one some day.

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