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What is your favorite Gretsch and why?


I know that quite a few members of this forum have more than one guitar, and many have multiple Gretsches. Which one do you like the most? How come?

I'll go first. I have had 4 Gretsches- Power Jet, Country Club/Dynas, 6122/TV Jones and a 6120 Jr2. Of them all, I like the 6120 Junior the best. Here's why:

  1. Fully hollow- I know Gretsch has moved to center blocks for many newer models, and that's great for sustain and volume. But I love the sound of wood and air in a guitar. And, the center blocks add at least a pound to the weight.

  2. Small size/light weight- Love the bigger Gretsches, but they can be awkward to hold and play for me. Smaller guitars have been calling to me more as I get older for comfort, posture, and weight issues.

  3. The luck of the draw of the '05 era Filter'Trons- I posted about a month ago wondering why my FTs sound somewhat similar to the Power'Trons on my PowerJet. Turns out I wasn't imagining; these pickups are smoother and darker than those I got stock on my 6122 before I changed to TV Jones Classics. But, I have decided that's not a bad thing. With a bit of EQ, I can make the 6120 Jr. darker still and take it into classic jazz territory, or brighten it up so that it sounds more "Gretsch". They hit right in the middle.

  4. And because of the above factors, the Jr. is my "It" guitar: versatile, easy to play, works well with the styles I like to play the most.

What about you?


My favorite, the 6120-59QM-LTD. It has all the specs of the -59 LTV, which I really like, but the hardware is nickel instead of gold. Add the quilted maple top, and this one is "it" for me. It has the playability, the feel, and "that" sound.


Any Jet, but lately and in particular, my New Jet.

It's been modified with a TVJ Classic and a standard FilterTron, so I'm not sure that it qualifies as a New Jet still, because it really changes the sound, but it's a great guitar.

In sticking within the realm of the Jet, my wish list guitars are the Custom Shop Roundup, which I got to play for a few weeks thanks to our late friend, Cameron Bellamy, the Pearl Penguin Joel Hibbs has, or any variation of the Champagne Sparkle Jet...single or double cutaway.


Forgot to mention the tort PU surrounds made by Paul Setzer on my New Jet.


Joel's Pearl Penguin.

You can see why I lust for it.


My favorite Gretsch is my drum set.

My favorite Gretsch guitar is my Silver Dyna Jet...currently.


Depends on the day, but my most-played is the 3967 Historic.

Light, resonant and just feels good...oh, and sounds great, too.


My current favorite is the factory black ‘62 RI Gent, partially because I’m diggin’ how different she sounds through the different amps and partially coz I’ve always wanted a Gent. I’ve learned that Gents are definitely their own thing.


My 3140. I don't gig anymore,miso I can't really justify a pro line. This Historic, with the DeArmond 2000s, has the sound I've always heard in my head. I can't ask for anymore.


This is something I’ve thought of often as I would like to eventually (not yet) reduce the stash as I get older.

The favorite guitar varies by the mood of the day, but more often the tone comes from the 6122-1959. Playing that guitar is somehow imo a different experience. However, with the exception of a Tru-Arc on it, it’s stock and therefore potentially replaceable/sellable. I know you can’t play a color, but if I had the HOF, that would possibly be the last one standing.

My Falcon is customized and would be hard to part with. The TV Classics are great. My green 6122-1962 is a dream come true. It too has Classics but sounds different than the Falcon because of body differences and bridge pickup locations. I’ve debated putting in the Supertron/Classic Plus combo in one of these.

Based upon people’s reactions, the Country Club with T’Armonds is the best looking and plays great, but I’m more of a Filters guy. Now if that had the Supertron/Classic Plus combo, hmmm.

In summary, I have probably played my most recent purchase (the 6122-1962 last summer) the most this year, and will identify that as my favorite for now as it checks off a lot of boxes.


And the double.

– crowbone

Probably the prettiest of them all. With Dynasonics I would be all over that.


HiLo Tennys. They just sound like me . . . HiLos and an Electrotone body just work for me.


HiLo Tennys. They just sound like me . . . HiLos and an Electrotone body just work for me.

– AndyJ

I spent fifty years wondering why George replaced his Gent with a Tenny. I figured he heard something that I didn’t. Although I doubt it will ever be my #1, I’ve come to appreciate the HiLo Tenny in the past year or two.


I was looking for a 6196 (no T) when I found my favorite, a oops 6192: spruce top, dynasonics, playability and gorgeous look.


After more than 10 years with it, I still rank my 6122-'59 and my #1 of all time. To my ears it has the best tone of any guitar I've ever owned. I also love the way it feels and plays. In a word, perfection.

My Broadkaster Jr. is running a close 2nd -- after 3 mods:

  1. Resolved and corrected the tuning instability problems (finally)

  2. Added a TruArc Serpentune bridge

  3. Added a Chet/"Wire" Arm for the Bigsby.

I really like the "JR" body size, which is odd given that I'm not crazy about Jet-sized bodies. The guitar plays VERY well (review posted here a year ago). The pickups have great tone, although not quite as good as the '59 Gent. I really like the treble bleed circuitry and no-load pot.


(Couldn't get this to post, above....)


Nothing could replace this guitar.

Why, it plays itself once it learns the song.


Has to be the iconic 54/55 Gretsch 6120. Thought do love a silver or fire jet


I have 5 Gretsches, 4 at home and one still at Nicole's. While my '41 Synchro is my noodling favorite and played everyday, the crown jewel is my '72 Super Chet. I've modded it with the biggest improvements being gutting the pickguard with it's wheeled controls and replacing with Gretsch's standard knob array & sanding down the wider neck to a shallow 'C' from the chunky deep 'D'. It has a unique design and is absolutely gorgeous with the abalone inlays and multi-binding.


Curt, I did'nt know you were also involve in AI.


Today it's my CVT. Why? Because Mega'Trons freakin' RAWK!

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