Modern Gretsch Guitars

What do you make of these?


They're at Chicago Music Exchange, I like them.


Pretty darn cool.

I think that I would prefer chrome or nickel for the metal parts, but these sure are good lookers


Are these the Koa ones or is this something else?


I like but don’t think these are Koa models.

Edit: or at least the Koa fsr had white binding.


I like everything about the one on the right except for the color of the stain, the color of the hardware, and the figured wood. I like it more than the one on the left.


All kinds for all sorts, and I guess I'll probably vote anonymously by not buying them.

I'm not sure the white top and dark figured wood of the doublecut works aesthetically. And what IS that model? Unless my eyes deceive, it has the long heel of a '62 series 6122. But with oversize open f-holes, and no Bigsby? That's a real mashup - and a rather inscrutable one. While the long heel on my 6122-62 doesn't bother me (since it's historical and all), I wouldn't ever intentionally spec it on a guitar that wasn't trying to be a '62 Gent. And, man, what an missed opportunity for tortoise-shell binding and pickup surrounds.

On the other hand, the 6120 is really quite striking. It would look much better in a pic by itself, and I still don't care for the Nashville signpost (especially glaring in white against all that rustic dark wood) - but that's really a pretty handsome guitar.


Oh my.......I will approach my wife and show her the picture, point to the 6120 and say "That is the one I want AND need."

Then she'll slap me and will go something like this.....


I like the one on the right.

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