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Some fine banjo and guitar pickin’!!!!


I say the classic Turquoise with cream accent color.


If we are recommending duo-tone car colors, my favorites have always been in the Kaiser range. This example is probably pretty close to Tim's Cadillac, but I like the green better. (Colors: Palm Beach Ivory and Glass Green)





Perhaps a photo of the beautiful Cadillac in question would help. Ah, the amazement of the crowd when the guitar is shown alongside it's autopian brother.


Great to hear your footfalls in the halls again, Proteus.

I remember a beautiful lavender metallichrome color with ivory for contrast in the '59 or '60 GM line. Was on a Pontiac flat-top.

For two-toning, deep down I always prefer the darker tone on the guitar top with the pale on the sides and back. Unless the darker tone is black, in which case reverse.

FF, love the Kaiser.


Faded Fiesta Red (coral pink), Shell Pink, or Daphne Blue? Cadillac Green? A metallic yellow? Black back and neck is cool.


Bright copper top, ebony back


Ok, so 50's kitchen table is not a finish . . .

Go Caddy Green. I think that would look keen. (Bamboo/Copper Mist would be innarestin', though.)


I too say Bamboo but that's because of the guitar here to the left. Tim, how about a 50's style goldtop scheme?


57 Chevy Belair Turquoise Blue and white. 8-)


Ooh, there it is, Curt- #2936-L Lavender Metallic. The scanned color chip is more plum tinted than the shade is in reality, where it has quite a delicate, fragrant tone that morphs with the hour of the day. The illusion of mutable metal is so very, very Jetsons. And rather Protean, too...

Always love the look of those 50's GM metallichrome finishes. Very, very fine metallic scintillation and unlacquered for a discrete pewtery burnish. Quite, quite lovely. English GM colours (Vauxhall) are fantastic, too. David Jones was head of Art and Colour for Vauxhall and he created some fantastic shades- Laurel Green, Dusk Rose with Lilac Haze, Lime Yellow.


Natural! I'd love to see the contrast between the futuristic shape and the earth bound organic material.


Prot if you paint that guitar to look anything like a sock hop, I'm taking off my tru-arc 12" aluminum and turning it into a faucet handle !#$@%


I think you need to stand out from the crowd Proteus - go Pink! And while you are at it add a black iron brand "G" 'cause we know you secretly love the cowboy embelishments! :D


I'll vol-un-teer to brand it for him if he feels so inclined. Heck, Prot, you've already seen my resume!


fieldhdj wrote:

Bright copper top, ebony back

Ooooooooo....I like that. If not, I'd go for the tangerine option you listed.


That's 3 of us so far for the copper top and black sides and back :D !#$@% ;-)


Suprdave wrote:

57 Chevy Belair Turquoise Blue and white. <img src="/media/img/icons/smilies/cool-18.png" alt="8-)" />

That is EXACTLY what I mean!


Here are my top 3 out of your choices:

■Smoky grey top / metallic violet backsidesneck

■Cape ivory top / metallic Cad green backsidesneck (the colors of my '55 Coupe de Ville)

■Anni two-tone smoke green

For choice #2 I think the metallic Cad green would look good on the top and the cape ivory on back,sides and neck.


Some more beautiful GM/Ford/Chrysler color chips here, courtesy of our friends at the TDPRI-


The colour is called Royal Amethyst when sprayed on a '59 Pontiac. AKA Lido Lavender for Buick, AKA Burgundy Mist in Oldsmobile AND Telecaster circles. All you need to know about the shade, fully illustrated with cars and guitars in the shifting hazy lilac hue-



I'm with MadScience.

Caddy top with Ivory sides.

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