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What color should my BillyBo be?


Yeah, I had to get one. It's red. Nothing wrong with that, but I don't think it's what I'm looking for.

So we're talking ground-up refin here. What do I want? The BeelyBo is one of the few guitars that looks good in practically any color scheme (though I think natural or sunburst would be non-starters), so I'm casting around for The Killer Kombo.

I love the creamy white...but mine has chrome hardware and white binding. I also like the black-and-gold look, but mine still has chrome hardware.

The BB clearly has a late-50s/early-60s aesthetic, which I think works naturally with automotive schemes; at the time, the industry was moving from two-tones (from pastels to high-drama) to tasteful metallics. Colors from the Gretsch heritage might also be good candidates, but aren't necessary – as long as the choice is something that looks "Gretsch-appropriate."

Here's where my thoughts have tended:

  • Bamboo yellow top / copper mist backsidesneck
  • Smoky grey top / metallic violet backsidesneck
  • Anni two-tone smoke green
  • Cape ivory top / metallic Cad green backsidesneck (the colors of my '55 Coupe de Ville)
  • Candy tangerine top / metallic pearl backsidesneck (or vice versa)

Anyone got thoughts? Curt's anxious to get started.


I like the stock red/black combo a lot, probably because I'm such a big Bo Diddley fan. I think the jet firebirds look super cool too.


Match it to the Caddy, but with the green on top and ivory on the back and sides. Everyone should have a matching guitar and classic car, given the opportunity.


Since I personally skew toward the more extravagant paint jobs, I'd suggest a sparkle top of some type.

The champagne sparkle has seen a resurgence of interest 'round here lately, and while it might not be a color of choice, it's a light color rather than the bold red/gold/green. My point would be that those guitars are already solid colors most of the time, so why not jazz them up a little? Make a crazy guitar even crazier?

Barring that, I think the grey top and metallic violet back/sides would probably look great.


Prince Purple would suit you to a tee...


You're just making fun of me because I'm old.


I'd leave it red or go sparkle


Ivory top, red or black back and sides.


Someone just recently showed some awesome teles that he refinished in some serious sparkle.

I also think that the copper mist for the top and leave the sides and back black.


Wait – it's my cat. I can't let my own cat outta no bag?

Besides, I never heard of a GDP Blog. Ain't no one tells me nothin'.


You should come around more often.


I have a black one with silver hardware and mahogany sides and back. It looks fantastic.


Metallic pearl top with metallic black back and sides.


"Cape ivory top / metallic Cad green backsidesneck (the colors of my '55 Coupe de Ville)"


Deed Eddy wrote:

He's back and he's cranky.

Someone took his cat.


Cape Ivory top / mahogany back, neck, sides with gold trim and gold binding.


My first vote would normally be bamboo yellow/copper mist, but considering that beautiful car you have, I think this should be made to match. The reverse Annie scheme might be cool too, cad green on the top and lighter green on the back and sides?

How about some mockups? I know there's some other photoshop geeks around here somewhere. I'm pretty slammed this week or I'd take a crack at it.


I'd love it if someone Photoshopped some of the options. I just don't have time!


Candy tangerine top / metallic pearl backsidesneck (or vice versa)


Hey guys, lets keep this to colors as in paint, not binding please!

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