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What bigsby for a g6139cbsl silver falcon?


Hi guys,

Jurgen here from the other side of the globe (Belgium). I have g6139 silver falcon without bigsby.

What bigsby do i need to upgrade my guitar? Where can i order it and is stringthrough available?



Any full size USA made Bigsby; you don't want the cheaper quality B600/B700's on your Falcon. A B6 should work fine; a B7 if you want the lower string break but you may have to fool around with different spring sizes to get the feel you want. You will probably have to get a Callenham bar as an addition as Gretsch has only recently made string-thru an exclusive on their Player Editions.


Can't you just pull the pins from the bar?


A B6 would be my first choice... . The Falcon is a players edition so i wonder if (and where) i can buy the players edition bigsby. I also dont want extra holes drilled in my top... .


Can't you just pull the pins from the bar?

– Ric12string

Pin holes are not drilled all the way through to bar.

Callaham is a great option for the predrilled and chamfered bar, otherwise the factory bar will need to be drilled and chamfered.

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