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Happy Birthday Joe Carducci!!!


Hats off and glasses raised to the Grand Poo-Bah, as humble as can be, as all great men are, Happy Birthday, Joe Carducci.


Gotta love the Cardooch.


Happy Birthday, Joe! He grabbed my Gretsch at the Minnesota roundup and adjusted the pole pieces on my T-Armonds with lightning speed - I haven't touched them since!


Happy birthday, Joe. Thanks for all the fun and knowledge.


Happy Birthday, Joe!! Have yourself a GREAT day on YOUR day! You are The Man!!


Happy Birthday Joe. Have a special one today, and a BIG thanks for all that you do!


Happy birthday, Joe C! Hope it's a good 'un! Thank you for all you do!


Happy Birthday from me here in the UK.


Happy Birthday, Joe!!!!! Hope it's a great one!


Enjoy your day, Joe...and thanks for the picking up my pick.


This is going to be one long thread, and well deserved! Happy bday, Joe, many thanks and cheers!


Happy Birthday Joe! You are on my clone list!!!

Have a great day!


Happy Birthday, Joe. You are one of the best and I, along with so many other GDPers, are privileged to call you a friend. Here is hoping that your birthday is your best ever. Maybe a day spent out of the office, not working, for a change.

Oh yeah, be careful around the candles. With this many of them, it could become an explosive event!


Kind of wish we were sitting in the Dining room at Ms. Phila's singing Happy Birthday to you, Brother Joe! I hope your day is grand!


Have a great birthday, Joe. You deserve it! You are a living example of the saying, "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."


Happy Birthday to you Joe! Rock on!

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