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Waterslide Decals is anyone making Gretsch ones?


I'm looking for a decal for my corvette build, I found one on eBay a while back but I have seem to have misplaced it. Does anyone know who makes them? If you do let me know


Have you PM'd Setzer? I wanted a custom headstock mod for a 5120 a few years back, and he made a series of custom waterslide decals for me.


Paul Setzer made mine...they are perfect!


Dang! why didn't I think of Paul! I have him making me a pickguard right now, maybe he can slide it in with the pickguard


Paul made the waterslides for the "Dana" Les Paul clone that I built and they were perfect.


Waterslide decals are fairly easy to make. You buy waterslide decal paper and just print them out on any inkjet printer. They come two ways: With a white opaque background and with a clear background. Clear looks nicer but you can only use it on light color guitars. If the guitar has a dark background, you will need to use a white background. The problem with a white background decal is that it will look like a "sticker". You have to cut around it perfectly as well.

The best way to use these is to finish over them after you have applied them.

Art Deco-cals makes the ones that people use a lot on old Gretsch guitars. They are made in Italy and are really high quality...with colors like metalic gold that aren't easy for an ink jet to make. They are clear backed but so heavy with pigment that they will work on darker surfaces well.


I am by no means the moral police, but...Isn't that cheating?


No Crowbone I don't think so, I'm going to call it completing my project. Also I can't stand the headstock being blank


I too would like a Paul Setzer Decal, so, how does one "PM" this request? Thanx


Don't know how you managed to CONTACT him, but I've tried E V E R Y T H I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!

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