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Want to buy a Tru Arc Serpentine Aluminum Rocking Bar bridge for a …


OK, I'll bet everyone (and their dog) has seen one of these lame posts, so sorry, but I'm new here and just can't seem to find a contact for 'Proteus' or Tru Arc to ask about a Serpentine Aluminum Rocking Bar Bridge (with Ebony mount) for my 2002 Gretsch Duo Jet? I think it's a 12" radius and I'm using medium/light guage (009) strings... and may want to have it Pinned. Any advise would be appreciated, Thanks!


Thanks for the reply BlueCap, so I guess that contact email is the best (and only) way to reach Tru Arc?


It is the best for communicating. A message sent through the message system here goes straight to email and is not always reliable. Great service and communication has been my experience with Tim.


Tim (Proteus) is on top of it, he will get right back to you with the info you need. Something to consider, I have a .10 set of round wound strings on my DuoJet, and they intonate fine with the non-serpentine TruArc.


Tim DID indeed get right back to me with a wealth of valuable info... well beyond the bridge itself and I'm placing the order now! Thanks all!


Tim's Tru Arc Serpentune bridge arrived and what a difference! Sound, feel, and playability all improved... and it looks great! I did go with his suggestion to use 11's, so I'm using XL Half-Round strings. Cudo's to Tru Arc for making a very accurate product!

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