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Still wondering why nitro isn't used on the Vintage Select guitars.


You are on to something here. I don't know the reason but it just has to save them time. But at that price point I agree. I have a hard time not buying an nitro guitar maybe I am just a snob.


Still wondering why nitro isn't used on the Vintage Select guitars.

– kris Miller

Not sure where you're getting your info. Several of the Vintage Select series have lacquer finishes, but not all of them.

The following models have nitro finishes:

G6136-55, G6136T-59, G6122T-59, G6120T-55, G6120T-59, G6196T-59


Its a shame that Gretsch did not use lacquer on the Country Gent...basically the guitar that helped Gretsch to stay viable in the 60s.


Spraying lacquer is illegal in the more developed countries. It's even more illegal in SoCal where both the state and counties add additional regulations. Spraying any kind of finish here is almost more legal hassle than it's worth.


Does the Gretsch Custom Shop not shoot lacquer in California?


Not to mention FMIC as a whole.


is it illegal even within booths?


I know they don't use poly at Santa Cruz Guitar Co. and that is very Californian.


The Custom Shop finishes would be done downstairs in the Fender Factory, in the sealed chamber under the waterfall. I don't know if they're allowed to do lacquer anymore though.


I wouldn't want to spray lacquer under a waterfall anyway. Too humid


First they took our nitro, then they took out rosewood. What’s next?? Will it be illegal to use quarter sawn maple? The government makes me sick... I’m willing to buy $10k in Gretsch guitars if they start using period correct finishes in nitro... Hope this era ends soon.


I think you have it a little backwards. The rain forest's supply of rosewood has been used up with short-sighted non viable/non renewable logging practices. No Government is taking it from us. We took it from ourselves. Some resources if used thoughtlessly are definitely finite.

Nitro is nice as a finish and I like it, but it is toxic and nasty as all get out. They make very good acrylic lacquers now I have a 65 club refinished in acrylic lacquer and it's actually quite nice

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