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Vintage Select G6128T-57 Cadillac Green Finish Question


I have not seen one of these in person but the Cadillac green finish on these in photos looks like it is metallic instead of the non-metallic Cadillac green on the standard duo jet reissue that has been out for a while. Is this finish in fact a metallic Cadillac green? The Gretsch site does not say anything about it but I thought I saw that mentioned somewhere and it looks like it is in some photos I have seen. Anybody know for sure? Thanks!


Sure looks like the darker metallic green. Hope so. Gorgeous color. If only they would do one with nickel (not chrome) hardware.


That picture looks more metallic and more blue than the one I saw at NAMM.


Thanks for all the responses. So for folks that have seen this model in person is there metallic in the finish?

I have seen the regular 6128TCG in person and that one has no metallic in the finish but I think the Vintage Select is a different finish.

This photo is of the 6128TCG showing the non-metallic finish.


The one in your first post sure looks metallic; most of the Jets I've seen are like the one in the above post, but I don't know what's on the new ones.

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