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Update on Dream Gretsch Acquisition Attempt (and Online Guitar Reta…


The “Zero interest” financing becomes zero interest in providing customer service.


OP deleted his stuff, so my post just hangs there stupidly.


Is this a case of the OP got his issue resolved, perhaps?


He said he thought it was resolved but was afraid to open the new box.


Snow's update melted.


OP deleted his stuff, so my post just hangs there stupidly.

– NJBob

I HATE that. The site’s software should not allow a thread starter to abandon ownership of a thread and force an unsuspecting bystander who happens to post to adopt the thread as his/her own.


Another thread RickyBob started and deleted!...


Yes, I deleted the post.

Sorry, especially to NJBob, whose quick comment caused this thread to get stuck in a 'still alive' mode.

I deleted that 'book-length' post in the wee hours of the morning, after typing it for many hours, because I realized it probably wasn't a post that would help or contribute to the goodness of the universe in any significant way. It was mostly my self-therapy.

I don't think it was such a bad post. It was just a post of simple experiential truth with a few tidbits of 'learned the hard way' wisdom tossed in. And it did have kind and appreciative words for Mr. Carducci of Gretsch, who I am about to send a personal note to anyway.

I mostly worried that my 'retailer advice' and 'too detailed story' of the nightmare I went through with online guitar retailers was a lot of me whining too much.

Maybe I will repost the content in this thread anyway (or an abbreviated version). I'll reread it now after having had a few hours of sleep, and think about it.


I read it before you deleted it. It was very informative and I believe that others can benefit from sharing your experience. You are a very patient man. Please repost in its entirety.


Snow, did you open the box yet?

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