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U-rEeeeKa…. (Not this Guy Again.) Longer Yet


First off, my MIK, Greenie 5420 is working & sounding fine.

It was 109 degrees out the other day, so I dug in. I plugged it into my 71' FrankenChamp. The volume knobs only worked while dialed to 9 to dimed. (Low watts & a crummy 8" speaker.)

I dimed the guitar & amp & fiddled with the master volume (A Lot) & played with feedback & howl. Then I switched the amp's tone stack off. (Tweed Mod.) Louder and more distorted howl.

The Bigsby Trem bar is made to lay my wrist on while working the master volume on the guitar. (Wait a minute, the master volume was actually working with Howl & Growl.)

OK....Do the Blacktop F-trons have some kind of hidden frequency that finally made all 3 Guitar Volume knobs work like normal? Lets go Louder.

Lets get this straight, I am a frugal, cheap old ba$*#!D, & only have a DRRI because I got it for cheap when a local BigBox store closed their music section. Right now I plug the Gretsch into the DRRI's #1 reverb channel, set the volume to 6, & dime the Bass/Treble.

I work the guitar controls instead of the amp & all 3 Volume Knobs on the Gretsch work like normal.

If this can help the next guy who had the same intro & frustration as me with 2 other (HELP) Frustrated,Top Posts, you,,,,no, I got it. Try it for yourself.

I will add. Just think...."If I lived in a duplex, apartment, townhouse, etc, aren't you glad you don't live on the other side?"

Phosphor Bronze, (BTW, they are magnetic) may be next. I'm watching a televised "Cream," 2005 concert. For some reason, Ginger doesn't have that maniacal facial expression.

Play Loud. Rock-N, Blues ON.

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