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Two Penguins are better than one - CS content


Two necks allows the guitarist to switch quickly and easily between guitar sounds without taking the time to change guitars. One needs DC Tutoring in order to get accustomed to this guitar and play well.


A 6/12 has never interested me.

A 6/4 with a bass neck, or a 6/6 (standard or baritone scale) would get use from me though, as I've been known to double up on bass parts, as well as use alternate tunings more frequently than the average player.

And in the acoustic realm, I could definitely make use of a 6/mando axe.

Either way, you won't catch me wearing cardigans and Huntz Hall long-billed caps. Guitar-neck excess for its own sake is usually pretty silly, and the 5-neck guitar backaches are surely not worth it. No disrespect to Rick as a player, though.


A 6/12 doubleneck is something that really only makes sense for live use if you're the only guitarist in a band and you have songs with 12 string parts, and 6 string parts, within the same song lol. But I've heard some people say they like the overtones they get from the 12 string side while playing the 6 string side. So there's that


I don’t t understand why they used a B5 on that.. makes no sense to me..

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