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Congrats Frank!

I'd love to get a chance to try one of these DE's,if the neck is as nice as my old 57 it should be class!


Many more Pics

Congrats Frank, I would love to play one some day. :P


You were probably beginning to think I was just kidding when I said I actually bought this guitar, and I'm very familiar with the expression "Without pictures it didn't happen."

The truth is, my poor new guitar sat in its case the first week I had it because I didn't have time to even pull it out to look at, let alone play. Then I did get to play it, and made a painful discovery. The corners of the brass nut were frighteningly sharp, and after about an hour of trying it out at home, my left index finger was practically raw. Plus I decided I didn't really like the strings it came with . So back to TrueTone I went, and they were a little backed up (yes, I could have avoided all this if I had been patient enough to have it done the day I bought it, but I wanted to take it home that day), and finally yesterday, it was ready.

The nut no longer poses a threat to anyone, the strings and setup are just like I like them, and yes, it still sounds like it should. So it's time to whip out the camera.

Too nice to take to a bar gig, but begging to be shown off. Gonna have to find a way to do that somehow.


Beautimus! Curious - what kind of strings did you put on it?


My primary playing these days is country stuff with lots of string bending, so I'm using .010s, in this case, GHS burnished nickel .010s. Easy on the fingers, and a great nickel tone. It came with .011s with a wound third, and while I have nothing against them and several of my guitars are strung that way, I'm giving .010s a shot. If they don't drive the Dynas to make them sound like they should, I may go back to .011s and bend gently (and minimally).


Very pretty, Frank. Have a happy life together!


That guitar is on my short list of must haves.

Congrats Frank, on a great choice.


Nice, they are awesome guitars, right! I too have one, had it for about a month now and will post pics soon, congrats on yours! :)

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