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Trying to attach some foam strips to the underside of my country cl…


Hey all. I'm looking to put some new foam underneath my Country Club's pickguard and replace the old foam pads that I had under there.

I've attached a photo to show what I will be cutting the foam from: one of TV Jones foam spacers.

Is there a good adhesive that's peelable or at least not permanent, that I could just attach the foam to the underside of the pickguard rather than on the pickup rings like it was done before (on Dynasonics)?


Double-sided Scotch tape


Drywall screws.

Double stick tape. They make a foam tape for posters that's VERY permanent. Consider felt instead of foam as it doesn't break down.


If this is going under the top screw as a spacer, use felt or fabric. Foam and plastic will off-gas and stick to the pickguard paint in the long run -- as it did on my old '91 6120.


What lx said, thick felt and double sided tape.

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