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Anybody have one?

Am I searching the database wrong?



Only 1 picture in the database? No Owner? That is surprising...


I know someone who has one which was autographed by all the Wilburys but using their real names. He has told me Norm Harris of Norman's Rare Guitars has offered him a boat load of cash for the guitar -- but my friend hesitates.


I wonder where all those went. At one point you couldn't go into a guitar store without tripping over one, dirt cheap.


They seemed closer to Danelectros than Gretsches. When they came out at the same time as the first Wilbury's album, I only saw them once at JC Penney's. I thought someone here had a full set of them---all 6 models.


I know Olivia Anne has at least owned a few.


Those Wilbury guitars were nothing special (just Dano shaped soild bodies w/ generic pu's) except for the nice graphics and collector value. If I had one with all those autographs and was offered big $$$ for it.......I'd take the cash and buy some more "real" Gretsch or other guitars. Actually, I bet he could work out an even better trade deal with Norman's who just doesn't sell vintage but also has a good selection of new and non-vintage used guitars and amps....but then again, that's my affliction (my wife would want the $$$$$ ).


I remember Davitt & Hanser listing the Wilburys guitars in their monthly wholesale sales flyer. The dealer net was really high, prompting D&H to add the disclaimer that these weren't the best value, but might be good for in-store promos, displays, etc. We passed on them.


Anybody have one?

Am I searching the database wrong?

– Twangmeisternyc

I have a TW 100. Fun to look at. Not fun to play though.


It's just a little odd that so many were apparently produced, yet so few seem to exist.

We have one on the CL here, the TW-100 basic model like yours Tom.

It's still available, I'll go take a look tomorrow/this weekend.

Need to arrange a time...


Remember, it’s best for hanging on the wall!


I went to see it...what it is. 3/4 scale, a few dingies, colors were still nice no real fade.

Seller is a Beatles collector...says he at one point had 3 of them. Had this one on the wall.

Bought at JC Penneys. No case candy or box, etc.

If anyone is interested I'll help out...


In case anyone is interested in seeing one. I have this one, got it new right around 92/93/94 somewhere in there I think. It almost exclusively hangs on the wall


Sorry, not sure how to put multiple pictures on one post. Just wanted to share this second one with you


Bob Dylan won't sign anything.

He told me so.


I have owned 2, TW100T Travelling Wilbury guitars, single humbucker and trem arm. I sold a mint unplayed TW100T last year. in original box with original cord and packaging. Can't find a picture of the guitar but I found some of the box and packaging. I still own one but I leave it at our summer trailer.


picture of open box, cord and trem arm in plastic bag.


I know Olivia Anne has at least owned a few.

– Mark Nason

Yes, I have two, TW-300, one nearly the same as the one George played in the video. Wonder where they went in the data base. I've had both set up to be the very best they can be--each one barks & growls. A bunch of the Boys played them at a Roundup. Proteous didn't despise them. So there's that.

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