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Towner Tension Bar & Other Mods


I installed a Towner tension bar on my Broadkaster. It allows you to put a Bigsby B6 on thin line stoptail guitars. It seems to really work, so I thought I would share. I also put Grover stair step knobs, a brass plaque, and a gold pick guard so it resembles an early 60’s Country Gentleman.


An elegant solution indeed.


I just ordered a towner bar to do this very same thing to my dad’s new 2622 streamliner. It looks great here! Nice work.


Very nice mods Tom. Did you replace the tuners or did the Grover stair step buttons fit onto the stock Gotohs?


Hi JohnsGretsch, The stair step buttons were a direct replacement for the stock Gotoh. They have the same exact shape inside, which surprised me. You have to use the longer screws supplied though. I could only find them at Black rider guitars. There are also stair steps made of fancy wood etc. available elsewhere.


Thanks for showing-and-telling on the Towner-Bigsby mod. It's very encouraging!



Question guys... Really nice Towner install btw? Did you need to replace your bridge studs to Metric in order for it to fit? I want to do install Bigsby Mod to my Falcon, which is CS version, so Christian Towner was uncertain if I needed new bridge studs. Too tricky to measure accurately without taking it apart

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