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Tone Pot vs Mud Switch Preference?


I put this under modern Gretsches but it’s just as relevant under vintage imo. Seeing comments in another thread and not wanting to hijack it, I am starting this.

Do you have a preference for the knob or the switch? I find that there is a better chance that I will adjust the mud switch than I will the tone knob. Which do you use more often?


I'm maybe the exception, but I like the Mud Switch and do use it in the slight roll off position. I never really mess with my guitar knobs, and usually keep them dimed. The Mud Switch gets me the right amount of roll-off for my needs on the fly w/o having to fiddle with my knobs.


Tone por. I'd rather have all of the choices than only three.


I’m happy with der mud switchum on guitars so equipped, happily using all three positions. I also make full use of tone knobbins.

I’d never spec a guitar with the switch in preference to the pot.


Just like the early Esquires / Teles had a super rolled off setting I just mud switch was coming from that scene ...if there wasn't a bass on the scene. Modern World Dudes just see mud as ancient history -- but it has a place for me. Of course values can be changed.

Looks like George used mud on the Gents and the Tenny -- kool then kool now.


I switched to the newer No-Load Tone Pot and Treble Bleed Volume Pot configuration away from the Mud Switch.

I liked the Mud Switch at higher volumes, not so much otherwise. So, I ended up almost always using just the middle, wide-open selection while playing.

And there is nothing wrong with that...


I prefer the tone knob/pot. I tend to make "subtle" tone adjustments. In my limited experience with tone switches, I only found the middle position useful. The other 2 choices were too "muddy", IMO.

HOWEVER -- to be honest I have not played any of the "new" (post FMIC era) Gretsch models with tone switches.


The one Gretsch I have with a mud switch was changed to a tone pot.


Don't use either I'm embarrassed to say.


I have both types and don’t really have a preference. I always keep the mud switch in the middle but often hit it by accident which can be annoying at times.


Don't use either I'm embarrassed to say.

– tabletop

I don't really use the tone control on a Gretsch either. A major appeal of the Gretsch tone is the jangly highs that the pickups produce.


My first Gretsch that I owned was a '64 Gent with the mud switch. I wasn't a big fan of with the one position very dark and and the other very bright. I always had mine set in the middle of 'wide open' position. That being said I prefer the fine adjustment of a knob over a switch - both for tone and individual pups. I would have to play a modern version to see how today's switch compares to the knob version I have on 4 electrics.


It took me awhile, but after messing around with the mud switch, I realized it was a really quick way to change up the tone without having to rely on a pedal. You don’t have to search for the sweet spot or keep fiddling with it.


I rarely use either, so I prefer the mud switch as it's completely bypassed in the middle position.


Proteus captured my sentiment precisely.


I like the Hot Rod control scheme, but if it’s got to have one, I prefer the mud switch.


I started out with the mud switch on my first Gretsch (65 Tenny) and have maintained an approximate 50/50 switch vs knob ratio in my collection of Gretsches. Maybe I am simply blessed with ears that aren’t that discriminating and simply don’t notice the subtitles of slightly turning the tone knob although I can appreciate the differences from one extreme to the other. The mud switch positions are more noticeable imo.


No preference here-- I use whatever is on the guitar. "Either / Or" is not a deal-breaker for me when buying a Gretsch either.


I used to like the switch; when it's off it's off and you didn't have to tweek it. Now I prefer the pot, it's just more felexible.


Tone pot. I tried to use the switch,swapped out many caps but the room dictates the amount of rolloff I need at any particular moment. I made an insert to reduce the hole size so I could drop in a pot,happy I did.


Tone knob. Although I use to use the mud switch wit the Fz1a fuzz,

I know it’s off topic - but I do love the Tone switch on the jazzmaster

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