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Thoughts on NOS 6120-1959LTV versus current Vintage Select edition….


I can confirm that my '14 does.

Looks like the latest Vintage Select does too, according to the catalog.

Seems like the last couple of years the standard "U" was advertised IIRC.


Congrats Beatlebacker!

Beautiful geet sir!

My 2009 LTV has the V neck too,very nice, i must say.


I was going to say go for it but you already did! I like the way Gretsch finished the guitars back around the turn of the decade better than they are now.


That's interesting - can't say I've noticed any difference! The thing I have noticed is that the finish has generally just got consistently better all the time. My first modern Gretsch was a '99 6120 SSU and while it was well finished it did have one or two little oddities. I owned a few Setzers between then and my '14 and each time the finish was better until the '14 SSLVO is as far as I can tell flawless.

I recently got an '18 Duo Jet VS and it too is flawless. Even though it's poly it seems very thin and it's beautiful. It doesn't have quite the luscious shimmer of nitro but it's perfectly serviceable and I love the guitar. It feels amazing too. Plus the bone nut on the new Jet is the best cut nut I have yet seen on a Gretsch.


Gotta agree with that. I just scored a Cliff Gallup sig, and it is totally flawless. Best finished Gretsch I've owned, the detailing is fantastic.

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