Modern Gretsch Guitars

This bird followed me home from the beach



Never been a fan of black hardware but it seems to work here.


This guitar has such a precision look. Very mechanical, very purposeful. It's fabulous.

It almost appears aeronautical. I can see why it appeals!


Wow! That’s an amazing Custom shop Falcon! Love the color! What pickups are in it? And if it’s standard wiring, it’s a pickup selector, master volume, individual pickup volumes and overall tone.


TV Jones Classics are on the spec sheet. Standard wiring though not sure of pot values. Response to tone knob appears to be a greater range than my other gretsch’s. Perhaps because I’m an always dimed (at least on tone) person so my memory of other Guitars is poor,

I didn’t get much time with the falcon before I left town. Next weekend I’ll get all the time I want.


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