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Thinking of Purchasing Duo Jet


Hi All,

Thinking of buying a Duo Jet. Seller described it as 1992 but serial no on rear control cover reads 982128-1436 as per image which would make it February 1998?

What pickups were they putting in them at that stage?



Here's a pic of the guitar.


This picture is from the 1990 catalogue (also found on this wonderful site), and back in 1998 Fender were not involved yet. I suspect the pickups are just regular Filter'Trons, not TV Jones or anything.



Ceramic Filtertrons

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D

They don’t sound good to my ears.


It's an odd duck in the lineage of Jets. Large headstock, different pups, shape... If no more than $900 USD it might be a deal, depending on how you like the feel and sound.


They don’t sound good to my ears.

– Powertronman

Some folks love them, some don't.

To my ears, they sound harsher and brittle compared to TV Classics.


Ok really appreciate responses thanks.

Had suspected would be ceramic pickups which are not for me. Would fancy dropping in some T-Armonds if did go ahead. Am I right in thinking that body would be less chambered / heavier than later ones?



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I have a Silver Jet from around that same era, or a few years before. It is considerably heavier than my FMIC-era Duo Jet because FMIC began to seriously route the bodies of the Jet models, relieving much of the weight and giving them a more resonant sound.

Whether or not you would like the ceramic Filters in the guitar is really a matter of personal preference. If you play with a lot of gain, they are certainly useful. However, if you are looking for a sound closer to the TV Classics or Dynasonics (which are a completely different sonic creature to my ears), then these aren't the pickups for you.

$900 is an okay price on one of these, but maybe only by a couple hundred dollars or so. You may consider looking for an FMIC-era Dyna Jet and see how close you can get to the price of this one and let that be something of a guiding factor.

What? Am I being charged by the vowel here? Or by the consonant?


Some folks love them, some don't.

To my ears, they sound harsher and brittle compared to TV Classics.

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D



Ceramics for sure. If it's a good deal (to you) then buy it and swap pickups to your heart's delight.

I had ceramics in my pre-FMIC guitars then switched to new-er-ish alnico Gretsch Filtertrons and almost wish I hadn't. IMO the slightly heavier body mass might need that extra push of a really hot pickup. I've never yearned to know what a TV Jones sounded like in them though, so I can't compare.

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