Modern Gretsch Guitars

The Verdict: Tenny Rose is a Winner!


I'd love to find out! I've heard that they sound very different in hollow body versus solid bodies.

Did Gretsch ever put Hilotrons in a Duo Jet?


I love the sound in my '59 Clipper; 85% of the Animals tone. I briefly had a '61 slab Corvette and It worked best the louder you got. I think they'd sound great in a Jet as there is some air moving around and would build on the woody thunk that the HiLo do so well, but vintage Jets never had them. It would be easy to put them into a modern jet.


i always wanted to try on of these, but they never made one that was exactly what i wanted, which was a combination of the two, i guess. long scale, ebony, thin body, fake holes. the pups i could give or take because i swap everything anyway, but i guess i would have liked to take the hilos for a spin, though i suspect they aren't for me.

anyway, i think these are pretty neat and i'm glad you're happy. would love to hear some sounds at some point- hilos seem to be the most underrepresented and perhaps misunderstood gretsch pickup.


Congrats. I like my Tenny too.

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