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The other half.


The other half of your guitar is the amp. A poor amp will ruin the potential of a great guitar. I feel you need to spend as much on a good amp as you do a guitar. What amp are you using?


Soon to be the 6163 Executive!

...I'll be upgrading from a Fender Hot rod...I'm fairly sure I'll be happy with my decision. 8-)


Engl Classic Tube 50 head on a late 60's Bandmaster cab.


Mostly my 1960 Tweed Deluxe but if I need a bit more power I use my '65 Deluxe. My '63 Blond Bassman hasn't been used in a while. It's just too big and loud.


'63 blonde bandmaster for the most part. Otherwise my BDRI or -in the livingroom- a '71 bandmaster reverb.:D

And I'm building my own amp now.


I'm using the same amp that was bought when my '59 Annie was bought, a Gibson GA 15 RVT from 1966. but it's a liitle old to take out of the house. so, I'll use my Crate G60 for outside of the house.


Mesa Boogie Subway Rocket. 2 channel. I quit using my pedal board a year ago, and now I just plug into the amp. So much easier to prepare for a gig.


Probably won't like my amp ,,, but I do. Line 6 Flextone III XL. took me 3 yrs to get it right, but when I did. she is really nie, has stuff built in and can get great sounds outta the SSUGR. Yup Went through a Fender Deville and PV c50 but they all needed more than just amp and guitar. so the L6 has done me well. My worthless 2cents


I'm such a show off.Photobucket


de Lisle 15P

15 watts. 2 X EL84; 12ax7 - EF86 - 12AT7. Independent gain controls for the 12ax7 and EF86 in the pre-amp. Tri-Pent switch for the EF86. Bass, Contour, Treble. Defeatable MV. Sounds lovely with a T-Rose plugged through a Dyno Brain and a DM3.


Carr makes some great amps. A guy I used to play with had a Slant 6V that was outstanding. Let us know what you end up with.


After being high on my Bucket List for over 50 years, I have a Standel 25L15.

Carr amps are very fine instruments. I've had some experience with a Carr Rambler and give it VERY high marks!


Nice, Tonyb 8-).

1966 Ampeg Gemini 2 and an Ibanez TBX65R I just play at home.


Should arrive tomoro.. Princeton clone, 12 watts, Brownface Tremolo, Blackface style tonestack, SS Rec. Clean all the way up!


A '65 Deluxe Reverb that I bought new and a Super Champ XD.


I'm such a show off.Photobucket

– tonyb

I'm such a show off.Photobucket

– tonyb

Nice! you have a lot of sound to choose from.


64 Bandmaster.

Lots of bandmaster folks here.


Got too many for my own good!


Got too many II


Got too many III


Got too many IV.

There's more,but this is the good stuff.

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