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The NEW OOPS Spruce Top Club Registry — Rebirth


Thank you! The Cadi green Club on the right is sans sound post but came with that an oops?


Ok, here it is. I know it’s about time, but I’ve been pretty busy:


Another pic. Add me to the list, Steve. This is the one you played at the Roundup.


Ok..this model never existed. If that's not an oops....


There is currently an Oops 6192 on Reverb with sn JT06031277.


I saw this 6193T with Filtertrons for sale at A Slade Guitars in Beccles, Suffolk, UK when I was there at the end of last year. It looks like it’s still available...


Serial Number JT06062636


Having just paid a visit to the registry for the first time in a good while, I update the list with the Reverb listing mentioned above by GG. I also edited the original specs of those OOPS models to enhance clarity.


Hey, Steve, glad to see you posting. Hope you are well. Any book updates to tell us about?


Hey Twom. Where did I go for three months? Yes, I just opened a post regarding the book. Thank you for asking.

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