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The NEW OOPS Spruce Top Club Registry — Rebirth


(Recovered from the original 2009 thread, though surely not representing the ultimate fullness of the registry, as least we can begin again.)

Evolving, as it did, in the course of another thread's discussion, the idea of charting serial numbers of the anomalous SPRUCE 6192s (Sunburst) and 6193s (Natural) that came out of Gretsch in 2006-2007 seemed to warrant a home of its own. And, while we love the 6196 (Cadilac Green), the purpose of this thread is to document those mysterious happy accidents, G6192OOPS and G6193OOPS.

Both models have these specs ONLY:

Spruce top

Dynasonic pickups (no Filtertrons)

Hump-block inlays

Melita bridge

No Bigsby

Neither had a Bigsby affixed and would, therefore, not have the tremolo nomenclature (T) on the end of the model number.

We know of a few other GDPers who have snagged these, and I hope this will catch their attention. We also know that there are others out in the world and we hope to hear from them as well.

At first, it was thought that only 12 of the 6193s were produced. We don't know about the 6192. Over time, we located quite a few of them. It is our hope to document these gems now, while we have the chance.

Spruce 6193: (Natural)

Bluecap - JT06031700

Nick - JT06031703

GreTschocaster - JT06031708

Scott - JT06031713

Gretschman36 - JT06031717

afm_380 - JT06031718

Joliette, Canada - JT06062638

Bluetonic - JT07020508

stewthom - JT07020512

Nobody - JT07020513

absaroke - JT07020517

Nick45 - JT07041725

Quietly - JT07041726

DeArmond -

Spruce 6192: (Sunburst)

Naples, Fla (Ebay) - JT060312xx??

ollkorrect - JT06031267

GG - JT06031268

stehlik - JT06031273

REVERB - JT06031277

rhcole - JT06042304

Rocky (Ebay) - JT07093262

Pigeon Forge, TN -


I have a natural 6193 Oops as well, serial number is JT06031708


Roger that. Got you added.


My OOPS 6192 serial number is JT06031268


Well all right! Got it added, GG. Pretty cool.


Well OK, this is interesting. I'd been oblivious to 6192 Sunburst Oopses. (Dynas with spruce top.)

And this thread makes no mention of 6193s with FilterTrons and spruce tops - which, I think, are equally oopsical, as in '06 all 6193s, Filter or Dyna, were spec'ed with maple.

The registry is thus going to be incomplete if it doesn't include details on the configuration of each serial number represented: natural or burst, Dyna or Filter.

Here were my thoughts from the other concurrent Oops thread - which don't take into account the sunbursts, but recognizes FilterTrons as belonging.

But I guess the court of interested opinion is in session on exactly what comprises an Oops Club. Amending the conclusion suggested below, I suggest it now must accommodate 6192 (bursts) and 6193 (natural) with SPRUCE tops (they were catalogued as maple), and either Dynasonics or FilterTrons.

My main - only - interest in Oops Clubs has been the combination of a natural spruce top and DynaSonics. That’s the form in which I first noticed the guitar, at the “Hipster Hangout” Gretsch in-store event at Music 1-2-3/Woodwind-Brasswood in November 2006 - which I think was the first time these came to light.

Emphasizing: blond SPRUCE top AND DynaSonics. This is oopsy because in 2006, according to catalog specs, the 6193 was supposed to be the only natural/blond Club, and though it came in both Dyna/no-Bigsby and Filter/Bigsby form, it was supposed to have a MAPLE top - and the only Club with spruce was supposed to be the 6196, in Cad green with Filters.

If others have shared this perspective with me - ie, that an Oopsclub has to be blond, spruce, and Dyna - then there may be only around 12 guitars. But the guitar in the Ebay listing - and perhaps others which have found their way into the various versions of the registry - is blond, spruce, and FILTERTRON.

And, when you check factory vs actual specs, that combination is equally oopsimatic: regardless of pickups, the 6193 was the only catalogued blond Club in 2006, and it was spec’ed with MAPLE.

Nother words, Oops Clubs come in both Dyna and Filter variants. I’m no doubt slow on the uptake, but I’ve just now realized that. I’ve thought oopsness required 3 things: natural blond finish, spruce, and Dynas. That appears erroneous: only the first two are necessary. A natural blond, spruce, Filter’Tron Club from 2006 is equally oopsy.

If some of us have shared the same limiting definition, while others have recognized the wider designation, that would explain differences in the count of qualifying guitars. There could be only 12 DYNA Oopses - along with an unspecified number of FILTER versions.

There may be fewer of the Filter variant, making it the rarer bird.

Couple things: I suggest that for the purposes of identification, bridge and tailpiece should be ignored, as they’re easily changed at any time. Top wood and pickups are baked in forever. AND the Filter version should have the tone switch/mud control circuit rather than the tone-knob setup - another characteristic that would be difficult to mod.

Simplest definition: to be in the Oops Club, an Oops Club must have a BLOND, SPRUCE top - but could have Dynas OR Filters, and any bridge/tailpiece.

This also deepens the mystery of how the guitars came to be, and makes it seem it would have to have been more intentional. To the best of my knowledge and experience (Curt, correct me if I’m wrong), DynaSonic and Filter’Tron guitars have different neck sets, with a steeper angle on Dyna versions so the strings will clear the greater height of the taller, surface-mounted pickups. And, at least in the case of catalogued Clubs in 2006, the two pickups got different control circuits.

This all suggests to me that the Oopses can’t have been just one batch of one model that got the wrong finish. They must come from at least one batch of TWO models - making it seem less likely to me that the oopsing was entirely inadvertent. I think someone had to INTEND to make natural spruce Clubs in 2006.


As you can see in the original thread the registry started out by listing the spruce/natural/dynasonic combi as oopsworthy. The sunburst ones and the spruce/natural/other pickup appeared later for some reason.

As the mystery continuous it would be interesting to see what an intend to make some natural spruce Clubs has resulted in.


I have put on another thread this picture of the spruce top: Finish: 5%, Top ply (spruce): 72%, Center ply (spruce?): 14%, Botton ply (maple or birch): 9%.


Actually, I began the original to feature both Natural and Burst, '93s and '92s. In fact it was an encounter with a Spruce '92 that first brought my attention to the fact that "something ain't factory here." I was on the phone with Joel, inquiring about a spec '92 with the maple top and Dynas. He said, "I just got one in; I'll snap a photo and send it to you." When I got it -- there was no flame in the maple! Wait, there was no maple...."What the heck is that? That's spruce!" Joel said, "You know, you're right."

Then I saw another '92 like that in person. Then I saw one hanging side by side with a Natural one on a wall in Atlanta and knew something was amiss. Neither of them was supposed to exist. Yet, there they were.

So we set this thing up to find out just how anomalous they were. And, yes, it was only that spec -- Natural and Sunburst Clubs with Spruce and Dynas, hump blocks, Melita -- that we tracked.

The appearance of Filters with those specs is a new'un on me. Pretty cool, that.


My SB Country Club was purchased by another forum member 2 years ago. Perhaps he will emerge from the shadows and claim this honor.


Here's another one...


My SB Country Club was purchased by another forum member 2 years ago. Perhaps he will emerge from the shadows and claim this honor.

– rhcole

Perhaps he will this weekend when he gets time to take a pic or two. Steve has already looked this guitar over and played it at last year’s Roundup.


BTW, How’s the Power Jet? Let me know if you ever want to part with her. I’d gladly let her back in the house.


Interesting to see now the ...1700 model which presumably extends the range a little earlier.


That isn't a store...


Ha! Sorry, there, Bluecap. Everything was so tidy and all....

So, as of this date, you hold the earliest spot.


Hello to everybody after a while away. Good to see this thread revived. I've wondered a lot over the few years if there was anything more pieced together about these happy accidents.

Hi to GG as well, who owns the sister sibling to my 6192.


Hello to everybody after a while away. Good to see this thread revived. I've wondered a lot over the few years if there was anything more pieced together about these happy accidents.

Hi to GG as well, who owns the sister sibling to my 6192.

– ollkorrect

Hi. Cool.


I still love the '92 version of these. Love my 93, but that Sunburst or Tobacco burst calls to me for some reason.


Hey get me on that list... SLICKFASTER 6193T JT06106048..

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