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The guitar you don’t have, but which always blows you away (but whi…


Well sure. But only the price and the strap weight are intimidating.


The first electric guitar I ever noticed was in '60 or '61, a Barney Kessel, that was sitting in the window of the local accordion shop of all places (Polish neighborhood, lots of polka bands around). I was mesmerized. I was a piano player, and there was no reason for a skinny 10 year old little kid to even look at an instrument of that quality. OK, it was really shiny, enough to catch anyone's attention. The only things that really intimidate me now are the cost and the lovely Mrs. Slim. In no way could I ever justify such an expense, and then there's the additional fact that I am not, and never will be, worthy of an instrument of such quality.



My biggest fear is any guitar straight into an amp, clean.

I do have a White Falcon and I will have to say, even for my above listed fear, it is the least intimidating to play.

My fingers are my own worst enemy.


my dads guitar. i was allowed to touch it only when he was there. now its mine, and i fear messing it up. I bring it out only for special occasions. it my avatar. 59 annie. i hope someday my grandsons take care of it.


Ha ha ha, supra, that cracked me up!



I'm pretty facile when it comes to playing different sorts of guitars, and get along with most types. i shrink from non-Gretsch archtops, which don't generally work with the way i style is too folk and psychedelic-based to work with the rather clipped sustain of a serious jazz box.

but what really intimidates me is the Selmer-style "gypsy jazz" guitars. in the first place, i don't have the technique to play that kind of music (though i certainly appreciate it). they also have a ridiculously long scale (26.3" or something like that), and the one time i tried one it wanted to be picked way harder than was comfortable. it really didn't sound good.

and i assiduously avoid double-necks. no matter how cool John McLaughlin's Ibanez double-neck was (and it was extremely cool), my back's not having that for a minute.


Only the price tag intimidates me, or I'd try a Billy Bo or a 6120 Duane Eddy model.

My BZ Jet, Tele and 3967 jazz box cover all my needs, though. Perfection.


Once you get that dream guitar, you'll figure out what you do and don't like about it compared to all your "regular" guitars.

I've got one super amazing looking guitar (a grail to some - although not here) and visually it's amazing, but playing it is...solid...utliitarian...not fun to play.

As Norm would say, "you mileage will vary".


For me its mostly wanting back what i had and loved and i fear the present cost of reacquisition.

Late 70s gibson marauder

88 strat plus

65 and 78 teles

60 flying v

Yamaha ssc 500

1963 silvertone 1449 amp in case

2010 fender classic player 50s strat that weighed nearly 10lbs

1963 strat

1970 strat

56 supro ranchero

1978 hardtail strat an ash bodied brute that was beautiful

And others


Hey--i always wanted to try a marauder.

Anyway, can I throw the Chris Cheney Falcon into the mix?



Hey--i always wanted to try a marauder.

Anyway, can I throw the Chris Cheney Falcon into the mix?


– Konrad

Think of it as a mahogany tele custom. Great gits. I had a lovely 78 with Bill Lawrence pups.


For me, I was always intimidated by the elegance of the mighty Country Club. Guess I’ll never...

...oops. Never mind.


I'm not intimidated, but I am baffled by why I continue to not own a nicely chambered Dyna Jet. Maybe I'll treat myself for the Gretsch Pages 25th Anniversary.


Do it, Tim. You won’t be sorry.


Yes. A dyna jet. I could use one of those.

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