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The g6120 DCBK


This came up in my Reverb feed a while back and I was immediately smitten.

..actually I think it went past smitten and right into smut.

I've known of the 6120DC, and that many Gretschmen consider them underrated, overlooked, or a well-kept secret. Essentially among the best Gretsch makes.

I initially assumed the 6120 double-cutaway had as many finish options as the single-cut. Clearly that's not the case.

The more I looked into the black variant, for a price comparison, the more I realized how rare they were. Evidently only a handful were produced, from around 2003-2005. Mine came from the Dyna Gakki factory in 2005. I haven't been able to find any details on how many were in the limited run, but I'm curious.


another view.
Note; no faux f-holes on these. Just blackity black all over.


zero fret included.


Beautiful guitar. I don’t own one but remember checking out amps in a store one day playing a 6120 DC they had. The focus was on the amps but I walked out thinking about how comfortable the neck of the guitar was. Congrats


I hear ya!

I have ALMOST the same beast! I applaud your good taste!


Very nice! Really pops without the faux F's.


I hear ya!

I have ALMOST the same beast! I applaud your good taste!

– tubwompus

Gorgeous guitars, tubwompus. I do love the special gloss black '62 Country Gents. That's a real stunner. Again; used here it renders the faux f-holes moot, for a really clean look.

Yeah, for me there is definitely something timeless, sleek, and elegant about a black finish guitar, whether with nickel or gold hardware. I'm not adverse to most finishes but black always looks great. Maybe it's the way it reflects, or the contrast with the hardware that makes it pop.

But I know it's not just us. It was obviously a 'look' a lot of bands went for back in the day, including The Beatles. I don't know where it begins or ends with me, I just roll with it.


Bunch of really nice looking black hollow bodies. They are stunners IMO.

While I've always liked black on Gretsches, it never drove me "nuts" enough to have to have one.

Probably felt this way from despising black cars, and trying to keep them clean looking. Just a PITA.

Changed my tune when I got my first DuoJet. Loved the contrast of the black top with the mahogany. Pretty easy to keep clean too. Unfortunately, we didn't bond, and traded with a GDP member for a -'58 Gent.

Never really thought about black again, then I got hit by a bolt of lightning from another GDP member. A Black Phoenix.

It came home, and it's a keeper. Black with silver sparkle binding was just too hard to resist.

I love a black Gretsch. Lol


Behold the rare and exalted.


For me, black looks very elegant with gold hardware but regardless of color, I like the look of F-holes on guitars. The faux black holes on the walnut Gents have never blown my skirt up unless the finish is light enough to have holes actually show. I prefer the faux holes on the HOF Gent because they have a white painted border. Now that's a look that pops!


I owned one (a 6120DC-BK). The story Ken, then-owner of TrueTone, told me was, Gretsch sent it to them and asked what they thought. They said they weren't sending it back and put it up for sale. I bought it. It was so new, the OK Card and C of A were blank. It was beautiful, it sounded great, but we could never get the intonation quite right, and, of course, the mutes were useless. I mean, they functioned like they were supposed to, but who would want that sound? (I know: Chet). After taking a bath on selling it (I think I got $1200 for it), I kicked myself after a while thinking there must have been something we could have done to intonate it better, or just live with it the way it was. Definitely one that got away.


there must have been something we could have done to intonate it better

Well, yes. Yes there was.


Behold the rare and exalted.

– Proteus

I bow in exaltation.

The quest trundles on in search of the mythical and storied Mauve Puffin. Said to have never passed the prototypical stage, it’s considered Hondo II’s Moderne. Thought I got close once, but the lead turned out to be a Marve Puffen, greengrocer in Schenectady.


Well, yes. Yes there was.

Was Tru Arc selling bridges in 2005?


Nosir. I didn't know when this sleek apparition passed through your hands. I guess it would have been a bit of a wait. Tru-Arc started in 2008, and I think SerpenTunes came in 2012.


Thought I got close once, but the lead turned out to be a Marve Puffen, greengrocer in Schenectady.

Yeah, me too. In pre-internet days, when our informational universe was much more porous, I once followed a vague lead to what turned out to be a very seedy part of Cleveland, to a club (which shall go unnamed) where I thought I was meeting someone who had one.

Instead, there I met one "Mavis Purvis," a junior high phys ed teacher moonlighting as a drag queen under that name. There was a very uncomfortable conversation about necks, tailpieces, and nuts before we got it all sorted. He turned out to be a nice guy and all, and no harm done. Out of politeness, I stayed for the floor show, but that ended my search.

You can keep at it if you like.


Yep, hanging on to a guitar for 3 years in eager anticipation of an alternative bridge solution, when I wasn't motivated to play it, would have been a stretsch (I actually typed that by mistake, and then decided not to change it) for me.

I had a regular orange 6120DC a few years later and it had nothing wrong with it, but I sold it, too, along with my SSLVO, to buy another bicycle. It'd be fun to have that BK model back, but I have a couple other guitars I can play until that day comes, if it does, so I don't feel too broken up about it.


.. It looks like some fellow has put his up for sale on Reverb;



In celebration of black guitars...


Sorry to revive an old thread. I just noticed this discussion, and I'm always curious about the 6120dc 'custom edition'. I've got an orange one, Dyna Gakki, TV-Jones and no faux f-holes. Loving it. I found the guitar that Edison found on Reverb on another site, the offer is apparantly expired. Anyway, there's some information in the description that might be of interest. Mine doesn't have the headstock plate, or the truss rod cover which says 'custom USA', which is odd for an Japanese made guitar .

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