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The blue Gretsch collection


I put Blue Betty together three years ago, and Gretsch then stole my idea to use cream guards and pickup rings for their G5622s.


And finally the Electromatic Jr. (G5655TG) is a reality!


Custom Shop G6609T Super Broadkaster Lake Placid Blue.


Special run from Wildwood Guitars. It's blue... but only just barely.


Blue is the new orange.


And finally the Electromatic Jr. (G5655TG) is a reality!

– kc_eddie_b

My son has his first guitar lesson tomorrow and he's decided to start saving for one of these.


An intriguing CS take on the 6120... just leaning a little too much to the teal hue for my taste, but points granted for the natural wood pickguard!


I know it’s an old thread, and I’m late to the party (so what else is new!), and we discussed my Falcon when I posted my NGD earlier this month, but I thought I’d just add to the blue-ness! I was going to register it here on the forum too, but the model (and color) doesn’t exist in the drop-down menus.

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