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The blue Gretsch collection


Per FB - new G6118T Players Addition Anniversary coming soon. 2-Tone Iridium Silver and Azure Metallic.

– Baba Joe

That one speaks to me.


I may not appreciate the looks... but it sure sounds sweet!

– kc_eddie_b

I like how he reaches for the Bigsby after the opening riff.


An older entry into the pageant... a Nightbird acoustic.

– kc_eddie_b

I had one of those! I added a LR Baggs piezo.


I only have gone blue once - in 1985.


I only have gone blue once - in 1985.

– knavel

Great to hear from you Mark!


I think I like the color on this Japanese exclusive quilt-top jet better than mine.

– kc_eddie_b

Not for me your Jet is a much nicer blue. I drool every time I see one like yours.


'68 Anniversary in transparent blue.


Don't forget my Limited Edition G5420 in Ice Blue Metal Flake!


Not nearly as fancy as many shown here, but this '98 6120 Blue Burst does it for me.....the only 'burst' I've ever liked!


The newest Pro jet... Fairline blue!

– kc_eddie_b

Is this still a secret? That's the first time i see this new model and there is nothing about it on the Gretsch homepage?


Soon to be release... a little something in blue for the Lefty's in the house!

– kc_eddie_b

I think this was done as a limited run for Jerry's Lefty Guitars a while ago based on a custom car design.


Here you go

– Mr Tubs

Thanks for the link Mr. Tubs. It seems that Gretsch wants to hide it.

Because you can find it via gear>build>solid body but not via electromatic>solid body, because there is actually "No product available".

It shouldn't be too hard to find somebody to take care of a consistent homepage.


This was presented as a Custom Shop, '59 Falcon relic. Too many departures from the classic design for me, but I do like the color!

– kc_eddie_b

I don't like everything about it, but I like that they also create something else that is different to the standard Falcons, Penguins, 6120s and Jets.

I would really appreciate a picture gallery with all the guitars created at the custom shop as long as the future owners agree to this. That could also act as inspiration for future customers.


And finally a real contribution to the list of blue Gretsch Guitars - the Gretsch G6134T-LTD15 Limited Edition Penguin in Midnight Sapphire Blue.

It's an elegant color and it would also perfectly fit with a mahagony back and sides on a Duo Jet.

Unfortunately I don't own it


Don't forget my Limited Edition G5420 in Ice Blue Metal Flake!

– Parabar

I couldn't buy that guitar. I have enough trouble playing with my feet on the floor!


kc_eddie_b, I remember that Super Axe! It was from Japan and boy I wish I had bought it at even the overinflated Japanese price.

However, since you love blue and blue burst guitars, here is one of only 7 made in October 2007 that were 12 strings and 7 that were 6 strings. It is not a Gretsch but it is so friggin' beautiful to look at!


And the Ricky's backside


As I said, the Ricky's backside


This was another FSR Jet, done in Ocean Turquoise. I can't recall which retailer offered it. Nice!

– kc_eddie_b

I believe this was a Wildwood offering.


I may not appreciate the looks... but it sure sounds sweet!

– kc_eddie_b

That guy demos a lot of the Gretsch lineup. I like the way he plays, and he just seems so damn happy to be playing Gretsch Guitars!


Audept should be along here sometime ...


Another blue Gretsch fan here!

My surfy Sonic Blue Astro Jet, Ocean Turquoise Gretsch Special Run Penguin from Wildwood, and my beloved Blueburst Gretsch G6120BS Nashville...

You can choose to ignore the Cadillac Green Gretsch G6122-1962T-TV Chet Atkins Country Gentleman if you so desire...

Few more pics of my Ocean Turquoise Gretsch Special Run Penguin from Wildwood...

Another shot of the Gretsch G6120BS Nashville...

Another shot of the surfy Sonic Blue Astro Jet...

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