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The blue Chet Custom Shop


I thought most players of Modern World Gretsch thought mud switch was an anachronism ... but I think they make a lot of sense although on my old ones I would make the least rolled off one to be the most rolled off and then put in something a bit less intense. Nice looking guitar here.


I have a reputation for loving blue guitars, and I am also a well known fan of the 6120.... but ironically this guitar does zero for me. In fact I really don't like it at all.


Well in my opinion, Stephen keeps making more and more cool custom shop guitars and this one is very cool!


Daphne blue with "aged" binding and nickle silver trim looks fantastic!


I don't want to be negative but light blue on a Chet model does not work for me.


I'm with Dan and Ed, a robin's egg blue Gretsch doesn't do a thing for me. Put it on some Gibson or Fender 'plank'.


Luckily, no one is forcing anyone to buy it. I’m sure it will find a happy home.


SUPERB. And who needs a mudswitch?


I would take it at least for free

I kinda like it but would prefer a darker blue like the midnight saphire ProJet.


SUPERB. And who needs a mudswitch?

– Stefan

Pretty much a split camp between those who like and those who don't I'd say, but no mud switch is one of it's most endearing features.


Personally, I think the whole point of the Custom Shop is to make guitars that never before existed, so I celebrate the anachronisms. There were no Gretsches in those great Fender car-derived custom colors, but it would have been cooler if there had been. There were no Gretsches with Filtertrons and a tone knob, but why not give that a shot?

One of my favorite Gretsches never existed in the old days: the RHH, with the body brand and the great fingerboard inlays and yet . . . filtertrons! Let a thousand flowers bloom.

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