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Texas Tone…


I'll give her a good ride tomorrow while my wife is out.


Added a No-Load Tone Pot per the TV Jones schematic with an .022uF Oil-in-Paper Cap, Master Volume Treble bleed, knocked out the shims and lowered the TV Classics, and then the 12" SerpenTune SS Wound 3rd TruArc.

And I switched back to T-I JS111 Swings...

One needs a knob to get Texas Tone.


Well, I'm liking it.

The SS SerpenTune is almost making the T-I Flats sound like Wounds, especially the Bass strings...very snappy and bright...lots of sustain. WAY lots of sustain...and very, very good intonation.

My Tech put stiff, short, stout springs in under the TV Classics so I can adjust Pickup height...I'm liking that, too, versus putting in Neoprene spacers.

The No-Load Pot must be Linear. I had looked for an Audio Taper, then I thought this one might be an Audio Taper. It seems there is only one CTS kind in the Aftermarket.

No issue, I do the same thing on the Super 400...just leave it in the middle position, using only a 1/2 turn either direction...towards "El Paso" or "Luzianna"...with "Brownsville" and "Lubbock" along the way!.



That adjustable pickup height mod with the stiff, short, stout springs is cool too.


Wow -- what great ideas! You are clearly a man of courage to implement these changes -- even though they may be "reversible"....... Congratulations -- I'm intrigued and happy that your work has produced the kinds of results you were looking for.

And -- on top of everything else -- it is a gorgeous guitar!


It's all reversible, and I can easily put it right back to Stock...but Why?

I'm getting happier each time I play it...been tuning in different Pickup heights today.

The Tone Pot change has helped a lot, too. And at this point, probably not all that different than the recent ProLine wiring harness changes with Volume Treble Bleed...

"El Paso" to "Brownsville" is a nice section on the dial. And I can go right back to No-Load somewhere near the "Luzianna" border ... Ha!

"Lubbock" is Woman-Tone...anything more for a Cap value would go too dark.

These changes are about a decade in the making...long time.


I did the same thing years ago on my Country Club with filters, it’s a must in my book. I’d earlier swapped caps and it was better, but each room and volume level requires it’s own micro tweak. I’m thinking of the serpentine as well.

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