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Synchromatic G1570 Elliot Easton Jet


I went to Reverb looking for the "Tikibird" Firebird and stumbled across this:

I'm guessing these are far and few between and there is a thread in the Easton Tiki Lounge section where the Electromatic is talked about and the Synchromatic mentioned.

It looks pretty sweet and says they are equipped with Filtertrons but I thought Gretschbuckers as soon as I saw the pic. The consensus in the other thread was that both Electro and Synchro models had the Gretschbuckers.

Anyway, I thought I'd post on what I believe is a fairly rare bird.


Gretschbuckers are what they normally had. It is a Synchro, not an Electro, so, it's entry level. I had a G1619 Sparkle Jet. For what I paid for it---half of this one's price---it was pretty nice, good fit and finish, and played well. The G'buckers aren't that bad---better than minihums in my book.

This one, in green, looks killer. I'd suggest to try it first, but that's not always possible. When these came out, they seemed better than the standard Synchros. From the photo, it looks to be in great shape.


Those pickups are clearly Gretschbuckers.

Still, cool guitar, easily upgraded.


I had the Electromatic version and put Filtertrons in it. Pretty dark green sparkle and sounded good, but was heavy and long scale so not for me.


I was told, that mine was a prototype for the Frankfurt Musikmesse. So no serial. Also the headstock logo is pearl instead painted. The mahagony has a darker stain, than usual.I swapped the buckers also for the Setzer alnico PU out of my 2003 SSU and the tuners are planet waves lockers with a cutter. And yes, this guitar is heavy.


Headstock!! Also the trussrod cover is unusual with the Gretsch logo !


I do like it and would love to put some black filters in it. I know it sounds odd but I tend lean more towards guitars that are heavy.....except for my Strats.

I think the consensus is that it is a quality guitar and am intrigued with putting either black filters or Dynas in a solid/non weight-relieved guitar....of course the blacktops would be easier to do.

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