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Sweetwater First Out of the Gate for the Fairlane Blue Electromatic…


I thought they weren't going to be available till November?Edit: I see this is a pre-order option.


$449 is the street price.

(Why is there a MSRP? Why not just say what the actual selling price is?)

– drmilktruck

A selling price is a selling price. MSRP is moronic marketing bullshit that makes the dealers' selling price look like a better deal than 'suggested' (which is none of the manufacturer's business) does. Manufacturing marketing troglodytes always think there's enough buyers with room temperature IQ's that will believe they're getting a significant deal. The fact that none of us can buy a guitar directly from Gretsch - Custom Shop notwithstanding - makes a manufacturer putting prices on their website totally irrelevant. All they need to do to establish value for their products is use dollar signs ($) like Autoclub books do for meals and room rates. The more $ the more expensive a guitar is relative to others in their lineup. Smart buyers shop everywhere for the best price but marketing folks apparently haven't figured this out.

Another fact to support not paying any attention to prices on a manufacturer's website is, in the case of Gretsch, high sales dealers being able to order Special Runs that are never mentioned on the Grestch website. No mention, no pics, no MSRP because the dealer has complete control over these special batches made for them.

So I ask, is there anyone that gives a rat's ass what price a manufacturer lists on their website when everything is sold through a dealer network??? There's only one price.


A few years ago Gibson started showing street prices on their website rather than MSRP.

When I was "shopping" for my ES-335 (late 2013) they had originally displayed MSRP, like the others. At some point during the process, I found that all the prices "dropped"..... until I realized they were showing the same prices shown by G.C., Sweetwater, M.F., etc.

I assume (???) they are still showing street prices.


It's kind of like MAP too. "We can sell it to you for less, but we can't advertise the real selling price." (I have found that GC won't sell for less than MAP, unless it's one of their coupon deals. However independent shops will give you a better deal. )


Sweetwater told me they expect them to be in stock in Mid-October.


Always nice to see additional models coming out in blue! I remember years ago on the show Overhaulin' they developed a paint called I believe, Malibu Blue. It was a very deep dark blue with [possibly] a very subtle sparkle flake in it. It would look absolutely tremendous on a Gretsch hollowbody!!

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