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Strings Go out of tune after bends


I always have unbleached nuts installed as bleached tends to stand out too brightly on a vintage guitar where the binding has mellowed with age. I can't imagine there being any real difference between the two from a performance standpoint.


It's the nut. Put some powdered graphite in the slots. If that doesn''t fix it, file the slots wider and angled towards the tuner post.

– Billy Zoom

That's what I thought, Billy.

Regarding the strings lying over the saddle at an angle (but not in the saddle slots) as in the photo I showed, is that an issue in any way?


There really isn't enough of an angle created at the bar bridge slots as there is at the nut to tuners - the middle 4 strings. The middle 4 at the bridge are the essentially straight to the tailpiece. The two E strings angle a bit but not enough to be any part of your tuning issues.

To reiterate, it's the nut.....for one reason or another.


Since that is my guitar that you posted the photo of, I can assure you it has no tuning issues. And the angle is not as extreme as it may appear in the photo.

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