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String not straight from bridge to Bigsby


I noticed there is a slight angle on the first string going from the bridge to the bigsby. I looked at others online and they appear the same. Is it supposed to be like that? Here is an example Link


In a word, yes. The Bigsby is designed to work with a variety of neck/nut/bridge widths and has been doing so successfully for some 70 years. Is this actually a problem for your playing?


I had a thread a while back when I installed a B7 on my Epi Sorrento. Verdict seemed to be that they are usually a bit wonky one way or another. What happens between the bridge and Bigsby is inconsequential. As long as your strings run parallel to the neck and it stays in tune with a properly cut and lubed nut you should just play it and call it good!


its no different than the strings going off at an angle between the nut and tuners (and that's on every guitar). I suppose a perfectly straight path would be ideal to minimize friction, but historically, a slight angle certainly isn't a big issue. I always use graphite or big bends nut sauce on the nut slots and saddles on my bigsby guitars.


Thanks for your replies. No its not a problem and doesn't effect my playing. I just thought it looked as if only the 1st string was angled. Maybe its an illusion. I see the Bigsby bar is narrower than the bridge saddles and they would narrow in just like the head stock does with the nut being narrow.


common problem but not really ideal...misaligned on can straighten it out by putting a washer/shim in between the bigsby and rim, on the screw opposite the direction it's it slightly changes the angle of the bigsby



No the other strings look straight so the Bigsby is straight. Look closely at the guitar above and most others on the site. They all appear like this.


I have seen guitars where the Bigsby wasn't properly aligned with the strings, and if the bridge is floating, it will pull out of place. This is one of the good arguments from the pinned bridge.

I saw and played a friends a G6121 with the Bigsby so far out of line, I recommended that the Bigsby be reset. I seem to remember seeing a a promo shot of a whole row of 6120 Hot Rods and the Bigsby look mis-aligned on all of them to me. I thought it was an optical allusion.

So there's that.


Post a photo of your guitar that shows the bigsby & bridge.


Here is a picture of a Hot Rod that had the issue I was talking about, however it looks like the strings are straight, but the Bigsby is not on the center line.


Yes in that case the Bigsby is not centered.


Even if the Bigsby is perfectly centered, there's a bit of play inhetent in the design, and the bass strings will usually pull it in that direction and make it look off center. Every set of strings I've ever used does that, except for Thomastiks.

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