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Streamliner Dilemma



Wanted to get this forum's take on the following situation.

My wife purchased a G2420T-P90 for me as a birthday present. It was ordered online, and when I opened it it looked great.

Neck appears straight, but there is buzz on the lower strings from frets 3-5. I tried a slightly heavier set of strings (11's) and still buzzing. Adjusted bridge height a bit, still buzzing. I tried to loosen the truss rod a bit, but there is a fair amount of resistance, adjusting the truss did result in a but of relief in the neck, but the buzz remains, plus the intonation seems pretty screwy.

I've had other guitars in the past and have always been able to make adjustments to address "buzzing" issues, but not this time.

Just wondering if it's worth taking it in to a luthier to have a look before attempting a return. It's surely going to cost money to have this addressed, and it seems a little silly to have this many issues with a new guitar.


Save yourself grief and return it. Try a different dealer or if you can, try it in person before buying.


A number of things can cause what you describe, including a neck that is back-bowed, or a high fret. But it sounds like you know that, I think.

I worked for many years in a "mom and pop" guitar shop. We made an effort to make sure our guitars were set up when they left the shop, and we adjusted them when customers were unhappy. The downside to buying a guitar online is that you either make the necessary adjustments/repairs yourself or pay to have them done, or you box the guitar back up and return it. In defense of the seller, stuff can happen in transit. The shipper has no guarantee if a box sits for days in an unheated warehouse, for example--or a if a box take a good whack on the back of the truck. If it were me, I'd probably contact the seller before I did anything.

None of this is probably helpful, except the part about returning it... Good luck!


Send it back. If you can't remedy the problem with some simple adjustments it's not worth the aggravation. I will say, the Streamliners I have grabbed off the rack at the local Sam Ash or GC have really played well and the fit and finish was exceptional at the price point....really clean workmanship. I'm not a big fan of GC or Ash, but if you have one relatively close by......even if they don't have that particular model they will order it for you and have it shipped to the store and if you're not happy with it when it comes in, they will take it back and it saves you the PITA of having to ship it back yourself.


My nephew's barely used Streamliner had no problems. Contact the seller and see if you can get them to pay for a proper set-up by a local tech. There should be some kind of provision for this as the world goes increasingly for online buying.


I played 6 Streamliners in my area to get the right one. I was being picky, almost all of them played well with no problems. I’d start a return saying it’s defective (it is) so they can help you out with the shipping.

BUT, these are limited editions, IIRC. That changes things. If you dont have any others to choose from that aren’t returns or B-stock I’d think about getting it looked at, maybe any repairs needed processed as a warranty claim.

This seems silly maybe, but I have to ask. Did you check all the hardware screws for tightness? The tuner nuts are often loose, and pickguards can rattle. Right now my SL is driving me nuts because it growls and distorts, and I’m not even plugged in. My culprit is the neck Dyna I installed is loose in it’s casing. It buzzes with certain string frequencies. Pulling it now...


Thanks everyone for your responses.

I did check the hardware screws, etc. There was some vibration related to the electronics, but very minimal.

It is being returned. Too bad because it is a good looking guitar. I might still try to get my hands on a hollow body Gretsch in the future.



Streamliners do NOT have endemic problems. Mine was fine right out of the box, and most people rave about theirs.

You probably got an unfortunate one. At least have the vendor send you another before you give up. When they know you've had a specific problem, most will check the next one before sending it to be sure you get a good one.


Good choice to return the guitar Gara. I've had to return a Gretsch Electromatic hollow body due to a manufacturer defect. I was a bit nervous about the whole thing, but I ended up with a great guitar, with everything spot on perfect.


After you do the return, if you decide you want another of the same, and you aren't comfortable with a replacement from the original seller or they don't have another, you might want to try one of the site sponsors: Shanghai Guitars, Blackrider, Dave's and Streetsounds NYC are all big Gretsch dealers with great access to stock. They are also great to deal with and will make sure to check out the guitar before they ship it out. I know that Shanghai, Streetsounds and Blackrider set-up the guitars before they ship them out. I not sure, but I think Dave's may also but they will check out the guitar thoroughly before it ships.

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