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Steve Wariner Rig Rundon - Sig model content


This is a great video. Steve truly is a Nashville Gentleman. He's been one of my heroes for a long time. Thanks for the post.


Bump so more folks can see this video. It's worth it!


Checked it out,Mr. Warner is one class act, and picks pretty fair as well!


Thanks for posting,i enjoyed that,Steve is a great talented guy!


Nice looking guitar. Wondering about the decision to go with the standard width neck. Probably marketing decisions dictated the standard width would be more appealing to more folks but I don't see this model as appealing to the rock players.


That is very cool. He goes on about his signature Gretsch longer than anything. That is a very nice model.


Great guitar! Love the specs. 25.5" scale on a 6120 body. Brass nut. Tru-arc bridge. Ebony board. Nitro. 59 Trestle bracing. Gretsch "V" bigsby. Gotoh locking tuners. The only things I would prefer are open F-holes and Vintage V neck. But I think I could get by with it as is.

Interesting combo of pickups and that he chose the pickups by blind testing. The Classic Plus bridge sounded really good and versatile with the coil splitting option.


Steve Warner is a great talent. He is another Indiana Icon.


I forgot to comment on Steve’s guitar. Really cool and awesome.


Thanks for posting. His Gretsch is gorgeous in looks and sound. The coil-split Classic+ sounds a lot like a HiLotron and I loved the sound of the DuoTron.

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