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Static popping from my new 6136TLDS(The Dyna’s are popping)


Hi everyone, what an exciting day as I received my new 6136TLDS and it sounds phenomenal, well…. except for a constant popping sound every time my fingers touch either the pickgaurd or the edge of the pickup ring… I have seen a few really old posts about this but nothing since about 2009 and this is a brand new '13… do I need to do a little grounding or will the old dryer sheet under the pickgaurd work like a few have

Is this normal???? I thought it was a tube or a cord or something simple but after trying different amps and guitars its definitely the Dynasonic's that are popping…. it's very annoying to say the least…. thanks in advance…

Here is the new Masterpiece.



Ground the cover.

 photo Dynasurroundground.jpg

Vintage ones have the cover grounded.

 photo VintageDeArmondDynaSoniccoverground.jpg


Unfortunately, the situation you describe is pretty normal for modern Dynas. As Paul pointed out, the old ones have the cover/ring grounded, but the modern ones don't.

As far as the dryer sheet thing goes, I don't know about putting one under the pickguard, but I do know that putting one in my shirt pocket before a gig definitely keeps the overall static level down, no matter which guitar I play.


Please share details on how to 'ground the cover'! I'm DIY-challenged. I get noticeable popping on my Telecaster, during the dry winter months. Not quite as bad on my Gretsch DSW, but would like to get rid of it completely if possible. The dryer sheet doesn't help me much.


The 6136TLDS looks fantastic, I would like to own one someday, congrats.

I hear the same popping sound on my 6120 with Dynasonics, but not on the 5129 with Dearmonds. It doesn't happen for me when I touch the pickguard, just by touching the pickups. It's very noticeable when I touch the pole pieces. I was planning to send it to a technician, but if there is a DIY solution that anybody would like to explain, I'm all ears.



Yep, what Paul Setzer said, ground the covers. Not hard to do.


My DE did that...drove me nuts...I put a set of TVJ's in and never looked back...they killed the stock Dyna's(IMO)...I'm shocked Gretsch doesn't ground them from the factory...maybe there's a reason for it that I'm not aware of but it seems pretty lazy not to do so...


I had the same issue in both my DE and my Roundup. I showed it to TV Jones at the NorCal Roundup and he said the same thing Paul, Walter, and everyone else did, i.e., ground the pickup covers. If you're concerned about how to do it, and/or don't want to risk damaging that beautiful guitar, your local guitar tech can likely do it for very little money, just tell him/her that the pickup covers aren't grounded and you'd like them to be. If they don't understand, have them plug the guitar into an amp and touch the pickup cover. If they still don't understand, find another tech.


Managed to implement a solution on the weekend to my DSW. My wife had some very thin craft wire. Put one end under a pickup cover screw, the other around a post on the bridge. Works like a charm. I can't see it while playing. Sanity restored.


I'll send mine to a technician, thanks everybody for the info. But if the issue is that common, why aren't the covers grounded at the factory? Is there any downside to it?


Setzer, Can you please post your response to this popping issue again? For some reason I was not able to see your solution for grounding the pickup covers. I have this problem on a DSW and a Silver Jet which both have Dynasonic's installed. Thanks !


Hey when I click one the "is this your pic" thingy it takes me to the photo. Try it and see If not I'll reply them here

Basically just add a short piece of wire from ground to the cover...a jumper wire


Thanks for the info ! When I click the "thingy" it takes me to Photobucket and then swamps me with pop-up ads. The picture never has a chance........ Don't worry about re-posting the pics, I was just curious if you used copper tape between the spacer and the cover or just routed a small channel in the spacer for clearance. I'll give it a go this weekend. Thanks again !


Vintage cover ground tab


Newer cover, add a jumper wire from ground lug to cover


Dryer sheet on the pickguard. My brand new 53 VS jet was doing this out of the box, I washed the pickguard with soapy water and did the dryer sheet, problem solved

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