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SSLVO Values


Recently, I've been tempted by the SSLVO. On Reverb SOLD I see a bunch in excellent condition selling in the $1700-1900 range. The FOR SALE ads start at $2499. Is the SSLVO model really selling that low? $1700 seems like a steal.

I had an SSLVO a few years back, what a killer guitar.

Thanks, Dan


I'm guessing a lot are listed high, with the "accepting offers" option, and evidently motivated sellers are taking the money. 1800 doesn't seem that low, there's not a ton of demand for these guitars.


Fine guitar which I own..,Gretsch has so many models of 6120 guitars and other hollowbodies it makes it hard for one model to be favored over others. ..and let's face it the proline prices are a bit harder for your every day person to afford. The entry of the new Electromatics are making it harder still.


I bought my SSLVO for $1450, dont pay over $1700 for a used one.

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