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Spectra Sonic Appreciation


I was admiring my USA Spectra Sonic today. What a great guitar.


Love my TV Jones Spectra Sonic Supreme. I know they’re a bit different but equally awesome.


Yes. I had one. Traded for a BZ Jet. I miss it a lot. One of my all time favorites.


Some day maybe. Man that's a nice one. Love the black on black combo.


Additionally me too, I appreciate my SS (in TV livery) also. Truly a perfect guitar in every way.


Well, it could use a bridge upgrade!

Other than that, perfect. TV Classics work in many situations, but the wood, the chambering, and the pickups on Tom's design mate ideally for balanced, sparkling tone in every register - and the two-knob/one-switch harness is all that's needed to make the guitar fit in so many musical contexts.

Also, I lurve the egg-hole Bigsby. So...elegant. Yep.

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