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Sold My 04 Anny and bought a 03 Tenny special!!!!!!


After spending a few weeks with my G1117T HT - I decided I didn't like the Hilo's as much as I thought I would. I had them in a 62' Harrison Gretsch/painted F holes and I loved them. But in the Anny ---Mhhhhh.

Anyway I found this Little Gem today and after about and hour play time - home she want.

I guess I do lean more towards Filtertron's.


It took me a long time to fully appreciate HiLos, however, even now the last one standing will have Filters. No right or wrong answer here but what works for the owner. Nice replacement. Congrats!


Thanks Lee - They are very cool Guitars - they where only made for 3 years 2003 - 2006. I like this guitar allot. Its kinda a Hot rodded Tenny. Lee - Did yours come with the Signpost pickguard? I like that! Ken


Thanks Baba - I know what you mean...


Lee - oh I see you added the Pickguard - May I ask where you got it from. Thanks Ken

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