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Sloppy inlay work on 6122


Oh my goodness!


It doesn't get any better than this.

– lx

Nope. And I speak from personal experience.

Congrats all round and Everyone bless Joe!


I believe that a big thank you Is in order to The Gretsch Pages as well .... Sir Joe to the rescue. ..impressive



With your approval, we would like to replace your guitar with a NEW G6122T-59 Vintage Select Edition '59 Chet Atkins® Country Gentleman® at NO CHARGE.

If this works for you, please PM me with an address where you would like the replacement guitar shipped. Also know prior to you receiving the instrument it will be sent to our Scottsdale Headquarters for a personal inspection & set-up by yours truly.

However, in an effort to assist our Factory & R&D team to evaluate this inlay situation up close, we ask to obtain permanent possession of your Country Gent s/n JT09020487.

When you receive the NEW guitar, there will be a PREPAID FedEx shipping label tapped to the underside of the carton top flap. Simply repack & seal your old guitar in the shipping carton, place the supplied prepaid label OVER the previous, then drop it off at your nearest FedEx shipping store.


– Joe Carducci/Gretsch Guitars

Now THAT is customer service! In a word, WOW!


Joe, you're the best! No wonder I have 4 electrics and 2 acoustics, all Gretsch!


In a world full of cynicism and a lack of customer service, Joe C and Gretsch really provide a breath of fresh air and hope.

This is the sort of service that should be taught in business schools today and should serve as a reminder of "treating others as we would like to be treated."

Hats off to Joe and the Gretsch team.


Fantastic service from Joe and Gretsch ! Does it get any better than that?


This morning after a quick early job here in Vancouver, I went over to Long & McQuade (Gretsch dealer), Canada's [sort of] version of the US Guitar Center; their stores are nationwide. This store I visited is one of the top 3 in the country along with Toronto and Montreal. I said sort of because the employees are gigging musicians and extremely knowledgeable and work in their specialty area.

I spoke with Chad, the store manager and related the story of this guitar and what Mr C did, essentially immediately to remedy the situation. He was astounded and very impressed and said he'd make sure all the guitar salesmen hears the story so they can pass that info along to prospective buyers.


Well, I'm rather late to this party, but SHEESH! I love the guitar in the original post, and welcome here, Sir. And, then, Proteus and WD give us the lowdown on this wonderful guitar, again. And, then, JOE sprinkles his Secret Sauce all over the whole SHEBANG! While we're being grateful, I want to throw out Bax for some Gretsch Love. Mind Blown!


My first thought was could it be a chinese counterfeit? But everything else looks correct,. All the paperwork, case, etc.

– Rotti123

My 'bet' is that it's the real deal, unless someone went to the GREAT expense of hangin' a FOR REAL B3G on it!!!! Just sayin'. Sometimes even the best of us Luthiers can make a "MESS", which is what this looks like might have occured, (perhaps an apprentice?), but considering that this is a '59 Gent, there is NO excuse for letting this "Slip by" Q.C.!!! Would have been much better to remove the binding/Board, and give it a "Do-Over", (IMHO). If one were to attempt to remove the binding and re-rout or Forstner Bit the pockets, you'd have to make the 'Thumbnails' oversized anyway, which to the Eagle Eyed Gretsch lover, would stick out like a sore Thumb(nail)!! Oh well, "The TWANG'S The THANG"! Gb bg


Now THAT is customer service! In a word, WOW!

– RCgold

W O W!!!! A real "Gent"leman, replacing (F.O.C.) a real Country Gentleman, Kudo's my friend!!!! Nuff said

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