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Similar sounds with two Gretsch guitars


I am trying to make my settings on my amp and pedals so I can switch between my 6120 and a DuoJet and not have to fiddle around. I got it almost dialed in until I tried my Tube Screamer. When played the DuoJet through it it was very overdriven and distorted. Is this because the pickups are stronger?


Well, in a word...maybe.

What DuoJet do you have? What pickups?


Duo Jet G6128T with FilterTrons and '95 6120 FilterTrons.


If the Duo Jet was built after 2003 when FMIC started managing the manufacturing of Gretsch guitars then it would have different pickups than your 6120.


If that's a recent DuoJet - 2003 or newer - I'd expect its pickups to be a little lower in output than the '95's (assuming it has the FilterTrons that were then stock).

Check your height adjustment on all pickups - I think the recommended height for F'Trons is 3/16" from the pickup to the underside of the strings.

You should be able to adjust the relative heights of the pickups on both guitars to get more or less the same output from both guitars. They'll still sound different, which I'd think you'd want - the 6120 a little more resonant and "open", and the 6128 a bit harder and punchier. Not vastly so, it's still a pretty resonant guitar - but enough to give it a different voice.


I had a similar question years ago on this forum. I was trying to balance the volume of my Tenny (low output) with just about any other guitar. My solution, at the time, was to use a Boss equalizer for a boost whenever I used the Tenny.

Proteus' answer was something along the lines of, "That is what the amp's volume knob is for".


Yes the pickups are stock. The DuoJet is a couple years old. I have adjusted the pickups height to match in both guitars attempting to make the sound consistent.


Right. I’m unclear if you want the SOUND or the OUTPUT level to be consistent. If it’s the tone...why bother having two different guitars?

If it’s ouput level, adjust the pickups differently between the two till they match well enough. Let instinct guide you as to how exactly to go about that - if one “feels” too hot, crank those down a little. If one feels weak or undefined, dial those up a touch.

If pickup adjusting doesn’t get you where you wanna, there are boost pedals for the purpose.

If all else fails, I suppose both the Tube Screamer and the amp have knobs!


I know I can adjust the Tube Screamer. I was just curious what would cause the Tube Screamer to be so distorted. Its not tone.


Now its an issue of high bright tone. Those with a 6120 that have two volumes and Tone knob, how far do you have your tone turned? After fiddling with pickup heights, controls on guitar vs on amp I think I just have the tone on the guitar too high. Anything more than half is way too bright. Let alone trying to play the bridge pickup. I never noticed this before I was comparing my 6120 to a DuoJet with mud switch.

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