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Should Gretsch make a pro-line (MIJ) CVT Corvette?


Not the 2008 Roundup... a much later one. 2012, I think.



Joe ebonied and ivoried us with CVTs at that Roundup.


My greatest Gretsch regret is not buying the TV yellow CVT when MF had it at closeout pricing.

I looked at it and didn't hit the button. Tragedy.

That guitar is HOT.


Joe ebonied and ivoried us with CVTs at that Roundup.

– Proteus

I'm gassing for something bright white these days. That one is just the cure.


A pro line CVT with different finish options and pickups would be cool, but the Electro CVT is an awfully nice guitar as is. The ergomonics, looks and tone are all great.

My mods were fairly minimal. I changed the controls on mine to master volume, master tone and a bass contour. I also swapped out the stock Bigsby spring for a Reverend. I thought I'd wanted to swap out the pickups, but after a few weeks of playing decided the Mega'Trons worked for me.

My only beef is the lack of a hardshell case option. I'm still trying to find something that works. The CVT deserves a proper case.


Saw this at American pickers shop in Nashville.


I must say that I remain very intrigued by the Stump-O-matic version of the Corvette. (I hate that "CVT" moniker because it reminds me that someone must have dropped the ball to lose the name "Corvette".) The racing stripes can be left off, for my taste, but build it with the three Mega'Tron pickups and a string-through body which is offered in some normal Gretsch colors. Yowsa! That is a rocking machine.

– Ric12string

A buddy of mine bought one of those in silver. I tried it and it was way, way better than I expected.

Really well made, felt good and the electronics are very clever. My only point of criticism would be the ceramic pickups; they're ever so slightly harsh if you want to play something mellow.

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