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Setzer “Smoke” 6120


Can't believe they didn't take the chance to let us hear the guitar being played. Those few open chords that were strummed, Sheesh. That could be any guitar.

I'm sure it's an amazing guitar and I look forward to hearing more of it

– Vince_Ray

damn hipsters! :)


So not that I care more than just knowing the facts, but the SSLVO is supposed to be the same specs as “Brian’s favorite ‘59.” The guitar was allegedly x-rayed, etc. to get the exacting specs, which I assume include the 2.75” body depth. The Smoke is thinner. Are the two models based on the same guitar? Or does Setzer have two guitars that are the basis of each one?

Maybe Tavo knows.


So the SSLVO (with 2.75" body) was based on the original Stray Cat '59, and Smoke, also a 1959 (but with the 2.5" body) was based on his "backup". Now that the Stray Cat has essentially been retired, Gretsch made a copy of Smoke. Watch the video by Andreas. Also you can see the two instruments in the rig rundown:


Damn, that’s nice. If I had gobs of extra money, I may consider ending my moratorium on ‘buckers For this beauty.


Ahh I had seen that vid quite a while ago. That explains it. One of the reasons I like the SSLVO is the deeper body. Glad I got it when I did. Wouldn’t mind having a SMOKE too. Those look awfully nice.

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