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Setup Advice for G5129 & DeArmond 2000s


I just picked up a 2005 G5129 in Firebird Red. It is the model with the floating bridge. It plays well, and it's surprisingly loud when unplugged compared to my G6118t-120; however, I'm pretty sure I need to do some pickup adjustments while setting up the rest of the guitar (BTW I plan to string it up with Thomastik 12 flats). I was hoping you guys could help me with a few things:

  1. Does anyone have any advice as to an ideal starting height for the pickups or pole pieces?

  2. If I need to, how do I raise the height of the whole pickup on these DeArmonds?

  3. I believe the Bigsby is a B60 model. It's a bit creaky. Any suggestions for lubricating it? Methods? Materials?

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate all the advice on this forum!



1) Refer to Mail’s guide to setup and troubleshooting in the arrivals section. Most helpful. There Used to be a picture floating that showed the recommended pole heights.

2) Spacers or shims.

3) ?


Thanks for the thoughts so far. I thought about doing the soft spring upgrade, too. Good reminder. Did you shim your pickups or keep them stock?

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