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School me on the Falcon 1?


So I have a buddy who wants to do a trade with me for a Gretsch falcon 1 which to me looks identical to a standard white falcon.... He says it’s a rare model so I’m just looking to find out if anyone here has some details they can share about this particular model and if there’s anything special about it? It’s from 2011 and it’s a re-issue model. He said it’s based off what became the Billy Duffy signature model and I guess Billy originally played a falcon 1?


The correct model number for the White Falcon I is G7593. It's the reissue of the Baldwin era Falcon; the "I" (1) indicating the single cutaway. The "I" in the model name is a modern thing. It's not that rare. There was a limited "II" G7594 version which had - you guess it - two cutaways.

Billy Duffy actually played the Balwin era WFs and his signature model is based on that design. So that's quite correct.

Here's a pic:

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