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Saving up for a G122T-62GE


Hi everyone,

I am saving up for a brand new Gretsch G6122T-62GE. I am a fan of the Stone Roses and wanted to have the guitar that John Squire played with them. His was a '64 or '65 but this one looks a lot the one Squire played on their first album. I like the wide body and thin depth, just 2" deep. Anyone have any comments? Thanks all and have a great weekend. --John D. McDonald


John, the "GE" Series name has been changed to Vintage Select. Legal issues using Golden Era.

If a new double cut Gent is what you're after, you shouldn't be disappointed by this build at all. Gretsch has done a fine job on this entire line up.

Best of luck and hope that you get your dream guitar.


Thanks, JD. Yeah, when I first started eyeing Gretsch around 20 years ago, this was the one that I was interested in. BTW, I have retired from architecture. It was just too tedious for me. I was a drafter, not an architect, while I was working but got my license 6 years ago. I am happy with the decision.

Have a great one, JD.



Sketch of a building facade at the Pergammon Museum, Berlin, drawn in 1993.


Sketch of a building in Christianshavn, Denmark (a district of Copenhagen) while studying overseas in Copenhagen 1992.


Photo my Bachelor of Architecture degree.


Hey John, what work direction are you going for now.

I fully understand about a career, and feeling boxed in. Just curious.


Hey JD,

Well, to be honest, I am not really sure. I need to make an honest re-evaluation of my life. I do like to draw things from my imagination but not sure if I would make a good visual artist or not. I could be a drafter from home as I have AutoCAD Light 2013 on my Mac here at home. Maybe charge $50 per detail. Construction details that is. I do get SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) in the form of around $1500 per month. Plus I get free health insurance from Medicare and Medicare-Cal. It is enough to keep things stable for now. But for now, things are just on a hold. For now.



Photo of me in Munich with my younger brother, on the right, in 1997.


Photo of me in the model building room at Perkins and Will in 2000.


Photo of me in London in 1993. I was studying architecture at DiS, or Denmark's International Study Program in 1992-1993. I was on vacation from studies for a week long vacation in London


Nice pics. The world traveler!

– J(ust an old Cowboy)D

Thanks JD!!!


Hey JD,

Do you know if the Gretsch G6119T Tennessee Rose was the one played by George Harrison? I thought he played a '64 or '65 Country Gent, but after watching the video Day Tripper on youtube (a performance made for TV in black and white) that it did not look like a Country Gent. I can get a Tennessee Rose for only $2200 while the 6122T-62VS is $3000. Can you help me find the one he played in this video?




John, he did switch to a Tenny after the Gent.

The latest version is the 6119T-62 Vintage Select Edition.


Before the above, the model number was 6119 - 62. IIRC.

Dang nice guitars, and a very close version of what George played.


Thanks for the help, JD. She is the one I am saving up for. Love the guitar in this video. The G6119T-62VS.


Do bear in mind that the video is lip (and finger) synched. I have yet to come across a definitive statement of what guitar George played on the recording of Day Tripper. Some sources claim it was actually a Gibson ES-335/345.

George did use the Tenny extensively on "Help" and "Beatles For Sale."


George did use the Tenny extensively on "Help" and "Beatles For Sale." -- Parabar

And, of course, it was the Tennessean that was used for the Shea Stadium concert.

John, you should be aware that the pickguard will not say "Tennessean" like George's did. Rather, it will say "Tennessee Rose." Not a big deal, certainly.


Thanks Ric,

Not to worry about. I think that between the 6122T-62 VS and the 6119T-62 VS I will be be getting the latter. I am super excited about the purchase, but really, honestly, it will be in around 8 months.

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