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Russel Crowe’s Gretsch Auction


I came across this auction of Russel Crowe's Gretsch guitar collection for his "Art of Divorce" auction at Sotheby's.

The Collection

Interesting collection.


The Gretsch guitars sold for not unreasonable prices. Nothing crazy.


I remember seeing an interview on (IIRC) Conan many moons ago and C was interviewing a rapper-turned-actor who had just co-starred in some Russell Crowe movie. The conversation went something like this:

Conan: How did you like working with Russell Crowe? Rapper dude: He was great. He even gave me a guitar. Conan: Really? What was it? Rapper dude: A vintage Gretsch!

I'm sure Crowe kept a few choicier Gretsches for himself; he's definitely one of us.

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